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With our help, you can cut through the noise and find a solution that genuinely meets your needs and suits the way you work.

Technology has become the driving force behind business change; in order to maintain a competitive advantage, companies must continue to innovate and streamline their processes. IT transformation is a central element of business change, which can range from the implementation of new systems to total overhauls of infrastructure.

ON:iT Recruitment help candidates and employers keep pace with the rapid developments in business change and IT transformation. From process improvement, to cloud technology, to expertise in GDPR, we understand the lay of the land, making it easier to fast-track your decision-making.

Business Change & IT Transformation Recruitment

Even the most disruptive businesses can quickly fall behind unless they continue to invest in change and improvement. The technology used within a business, how the company evolves and adapts around it, and how people use these tools and systems are all critical things to assess and refine in order to stay efficient.

Business change and IT transformation professionals can have a major influence on the future success of an organisation. This makes it an exciting arena for both employers and candidates, providing they find the right fit…

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From IT projects to permanent positions, we recruit for:

  • PMO Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager / Change Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Programme Manager
  • Programme Director
  • Portfolio Manager / Director
  • Head of Change / Head of Projects
  • And more…

Why ON:iT Recruitment?

Business change and IT transformation is a sector that’s constantly evolving. With new technology flooding the market all the time, there are infinite factors to consider when searching for roles or skills in this space.

As such as a defining area of business growth and development, it’s crucial to look beyond the CV or job spec when seeking out people and opportunities in this sector. That’s what ON:iT do best. With our help, you can cut through the noise and find a solution that genuinely meets your needs and suits the way you work.

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We empower our people to empower your people, ensuring you always find a well-rounded fit.


We believe that people buy from people. By getting to know you, we can better understand your needs.


We care about the clients we work with, and won’t stop until we find the right solution for you.


We sell people, not processes. Our team are always happy to adapt our approach to the way you work.

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