Get ON:BOARD & Go Further

Put quality before quantity when sourcing candidates by switching to ON:BOARD. Our premium service gives you access to our specialist team whenever you need them, putting you in prime position to bring on the best people for your business…

A Smarter Approach To Recruitment


Recruitment shouldn’t be a race to the finishing line. We love working with clients on a long-term basis, getting to know the full picture of their growth plans and helping them find the best people to carry it forward.

By making the switch to ON:Board, you’ll gain access to a team of specialists dedicated to your recruitment drive. Our premium service bundle is designed to help you get the best out of recruitment with access to an array of sophisticated features.

You can build your package entirely from scratch, picking and choosing the services you believe are best suited to your hiring requirements.

Advanced recruitment features that set you apart

With ON:BOARD, you’ll discover a range of features that put you several steps ahead when it comes to sourcing and hiring top talent. These include:

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Video interviewing

Your very own online meeting room facility for interviews and conversations: ON:LiNE

Fully Branded Microsite

Earn maximum exposure for your branded advertisement with your own microsite.

Technical Testing

Determine a candidate’s skill set with a range of numerical, verbal and literacy tests.

Company Culture Matching

See if your company and the candidate are a perfect fit on paper.

Background Checks

Make sure candidate information is accurate and above board.

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