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Over the years, .NET applications have expanded their reach to become business-critical tools for almost every organisation. This has created a huge amount of demand for Microsoft developers, making it increasingly difficult for companies to recruit these skills, and giving candidates an overwhelming number of options.

As specialists in Microsoft development, ON:iT Recruitment know how many nuances make up this niche, which is why we get to know the people and companies we work with. It enables us to narrow down the options and find the perfect solution every time.

Microsoft Development Recruitment

With new versions of the .NET platform and accompanying technologies coming onstream all the time, demand for developers is at an all-time high. Even startups and SMEs are bringing these skills in-house, ensuring they have expertise on hand to build and maintain the applications they rely on.

This is great news for Developers, Technical Architects, Leads and Managers, all of whom play a key role in sustaining business operations. However, the ways in which companies integrate Microsoft can differ greatly; that’s why we look closely at processes, culture and requirements, to ensure the people we put forward will slot seamlessly into their new workplace.

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We recruit for both permanent and contract positions, including:

  • Developer
  • Senior Developer
  • Principle Developer
  • Technical Leads
  • Technical Architects
  • Head of Developments
  • Development Manager
  • And more….

Why ON:iT Recruitment?

The Microsoft ecosystem has enormous potential for people that take full advantage of its capabilities. With the support of specialists recruiters, such as ON:iT, both businesses and individuals can make smart decisions when moving forward in this field. Whether you’re searching for the perfect role or recruit, our team are here to help.

We’re passionate about getting the best outcome for everyone we work with; when dealing with us, you’re not just another assignment.

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We empower our people to empower your people, ensuring you always find a well-rounded fit.


We believe that people buy from people. By getting to know you, we can better understand your needs.


We care about the clients we work with, and won’t stop until we find the right solution for you.


We sell people, not processes. Our team are always happy to adapt our approach to the way you work.

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