In all honesty, the reputation of the recruitment industry sometimes gets us down a bit. But there’s no getting away from it. The sector has had a hard time shaking its status as a place full of shady, aggressive and greedy people who care about commission above all else.

The truth is that recruitment has changed for the better in many ways, but what’s important is that the top agencies continue to raise the bar by offering the very best service money can buy. And you should never have to settle for anything less.

If you’re in discussions with any recruiter exhibiting these bad habits, cut the conversation short and look elsewhere.


1. Sticking with old tactics

Recruitment has to be a forward-thinking practice. Roles are changing all the time as technology develops, and the process of hiring people needs to keep pace.

Sticking with the same routine is a recipe for failure. Every client and candidate is different – and great recruiters tweak the process to make things clearer and ensure better results, whatever that looks like to them.

If a client prefers to meet in person, the recruiter should head over to their place to talk. If a candidate wants to speed things up and get in front of a CEO, the recruiter should consider which bits of the hiring process they might be able to cut.

The bottom line is that bad recruiters don’t budge. The good ones, on the other hand, are always looking for ways to change things for the better.

2. Being pushy

The worst thing a recruiter can do is force a fit. If a company and candidate aren’t really right for one another, a recruiter should never attempt to squeeze them together – no matter how much money might be in it for them.

This is typically the biggest problem people have with classic recruiters: feeling as though they’re being talked into a job when they’re unsure if the role feels right.

The good recruiters do what’s best for the client or candidate and never, ever push when they feel uncomfortable.


3. Making false promises

Overpromising and under-delivering is another unforgivable behaviour in recruitment.

Sure, it’s tempting to offer the client whatever it will take to convince them to put their money down. But if a recruiter assures them that they will deliver more than they’re actually capable of, it will end in disappointment for everyone.

The best recruiters are honest people. They put their cards on the table and explain why the situation is the way it is – offering potential solutions to improve things over time.

Run a mile from any recruiter who claims they can snap their fingers and resolve a situation immediately. They’re just being dishonest. Plain and simple.


Why ON:iT are the best choice for recruitment

Don’t regard any of these recruitment habits as ‘only to be expected’ when you use an agency. The best ones don’t ever behave like this – and you deserve to have a recruitment team behind you that’s respectful, knowledgeable and passionate about getting you the right people.

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