There are three telltale signs that your current hiring process is in dire need of a spruce up. One: it takes forever to get a great candidate to sign on the dotted line. Two: the whole thing seems to cost an arm and a leg. And three: it’s exhausting.

Fittingly, there are also three key ways in which to spring clean your hiring process so you can attract better candidates in a cost-efficient way (without having to spend hours in the interview room).

In this blog, we cover the trio of housekeeping tasks that can transform your hiring process for the better.

1. Rethink your interview process

When you’re bringing in new applicants on a regular basis, best interview practice can easily be forgotten.

So, how do you avoid wasting time? Simple: abandon the traditional routine and utilise digital facilities. Modern interviewing is all about streamlining the opening stages, reserving your precious time for candidates that really mean business.

ON:LiNE is a service where recruiters handle stage one interviews – with the option for you to view and contribute at any time. The whole thing is done via a video link, so you only need to put 10 minutes aside rather than an hour.

2. Take a look at your recruitment tools

If you aren’t seeing the results you want, it could be because you don’t have the right resources.

Posting a listing online is only a tiny part of attracting people. To lure the top candidates to your company, you need to invest in a recruitment strategy that incorporates advanced tools.

Assets like technical testing, company culture matching and background checks can help you quickly reduce the size of your shortlist so you’re left with high-calibre candidates. All of these are available as part of our ON:BOARD facility.

3. Spice up your job advertisements

If you hire huge numbers of people, you can end up on autopilot when it comes to posting job ads.

Many employers fall into the mindset that advertising is about dropping the necessary titles into the appropriate templates. As long as you’re posting to one of the major job boards, your ad is guaranteed to get seen, right?  

Well, perhaps. But is that really good enough? Generating ad views isn’t the hard part. The real challenge is directing great candidates to your job listings.

Whilst you’re in spring-clean mode, start rewording your ads so you see pre-qualified applicants coming your way. It won’t just save you time – it’ll actively raise the quality of your workforce moving forwards.

Before you grab that duster, contact ON:iT

Do you need a hand spring cleaning your hiring process? We’re always happy to help.

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Get in touch with our team today on 0161 416 6000 or through our online contact form. We’ll give you all the spring-cleaning tips you need to ensure you’re all set for a hugely successful summer.