Very few companies enjoy recruiting. It’s hard work, it’s complicated, and it’s often extremely long-winded. Ideally, you want a top candidate on board as quickly as possible…but how exactly can you make that happen?

In this blog, we reveal four easy ways to quicken the recruitment process.

1. Get your ad writing right

The best way to get the recruitment process off to a running start is with a carefully crafted advert put up in the right place. In truth, a great job ad does half the hard work for youattracting quality candidates whilst deterring those who don’t cut the mustard.

Once you’ve fine-tuned the language and tone, be sure to optimise your ad for mobile before posting. Tablet and smartphone browsing accounts for more than 50% of the traffic on many sites nowadays, so forgetting to make your ad mobile-friendly puts you at risk of losing over half the potential candidates. Nobody will waste time pinching, zooming and scrolling on an unresponsive ad there are simply too many other rival sites to sample instead.  

2. Take advantage of tools and tech

There’s all kinds of fantastic software out there designed to aid the hiring process – and it’s important to use these features to trim your recruitment timeline.

Video interviews add a refreshing sense of flexibility into proceedings for everyone involved, enabling smooth communication without the hassle of organising an in-person meeting. Naturally, you’ll want to meet the better candidates face-to-face eventually, but it can be time-consuming to shortlist all the initial applicants. Video interviewing streamlines the process, meaning you’ll only call in candidates that really excite you.

Tactical use of social media is also important – enabling you to reach out to a wider audience and attract those who don’t trawl job boards.

The recruitment process in 4 steps

3. Think smart

Ever wonder why you keep seeing business blogs with terms like “business change” and “transformation”? Well, these aren’t just buzzwords. In fact, they’re defining traits of the digital age, and you need to smarten up on them before moving forwards with recruitment.

The more you know about business change and transformation, the greater your competitive edge, as you’re able to advertise assets of your business that appeal to the modern candidate.

Think smart and go digital. Most people won’t look twice at a business that’s stuck in its ways.

4. Bring in the pros…

A recruitment agency can make hiring the ideal person a quick, simple, stress-free task. There’s no getting around the fact that filling a vacancy is laborious, and sometimes you won’t know who you want until you meet them.

Agencies can help you conjure up a vision of the best possible candidate – and a clear idea invariably speeds up the process as you know what you’re looking for. Recruitment agenciesalso have access to the best contacts, tech and software, leaving no stone unturned during the search.

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