New team member David Mcgowan explains how he’ll be helping ON:iT Recruitment enter a new and emerging market: IT & Information Security.

Tell me about your role at ON:iT

I’ve joined ON:iT as a Senior Consultant covering IT & Information Security. It’s something I have a fair bit of experience in, having worked across several markets in the past seven years as an independent recruiter.

I’ll be going out and approaching potential clients, as well as nurturing the relationships we already hold with individuals and organisations in this corner of the industry.

What makes ON:iT different?

I met the guys at ON:iT a few times, and I could tell very quickly that this was my sort of place. The business is very clear about what they want to be – moving away from the old corporate clichés and creating a modern office environment.

They’re ambitious and supportive, but they’re also serious about flexibility. They give everyone the autonomy they desire, as well as all the resources they need to work to their strengths.

David McGowan

Where do you see the IT sector heading?

Data is massive at the moment – both in terms of how it is managed and secured. That’s why it’s so important to have a real understanding of the IT security sector.

IT is entering a new age, with the likes of Artificial Intelligence highlighting the importance of keeping data safe. Even the big companies are being hit – BA just experienced a major cybersecurity breach. We have been mishandling data for too long, and there is too much potential right now for that to be taken advantage of.

The next phase will be focusing on increasing data handling processes and improving how we look after this information.

When you’re not at work, what do you get up to?

My partner, Sophie, and I look after a variety of animals in our own smallholding, including sheep, horses, goats and pigs. I’m quite an outdoorsy person, and I spend a lot of time working on the yard.

What’s your biggest passion in your work?

My passion is to ensure a sense of professionalism shines through in everything I do. I always strive to provide an excellent service and treat everyone – be it a client or a candidate – with the respect they deserve. Forming lasting relationships is key in recruitment, and being trustworthy and professional is the way to do that.