Senior Consultant Jessica Jolly shares her experience in BI and Data, and tells us what she loves about recruitment.

Tell us about your role at ON:iT

I’m a Senior Consultant specialising in Business Intelligence and Data. My role involves working closely with both clients and candidates to find the best solutions for contract and permanent roles in this niche.

As we’re based in Spinningfields, it’s easy to arrange meetings in and around town, so I spend a lot of my time building and maintaining relationships. When I’m not speaking to clients and candidates, I keep up with the market to ensure I’m always one step ahead.

What makes your specialist area unique?

BI and Data is massive. It’s so relevant to the modern world and affects not just businesses, but our personal lives too. Plus, it’s constantly evolving – perhaps more than any other field of IT. Power BI, for example, has only been around for a few years, which makes it harder to find skilled individuals to fulfil vacant roles in this area.

The roles I’m recruiting for can have a huge impact on the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of an organisation, which is what makes finding the right people so important.

Jessica Jolly

What makes ON:iT different?

ON:iT Recruitment is flexible, modern and reflective of the markets we operate within. It’s in-keeping with the times – their way of working is not the archaic 90s-style way that many recruiters have held on to.

The team here are amazing at building relationships and focus on long-term success, not quick wins. That’s the way I like to work, and I like that everyone in the business has the same, hands-on approach.

When you’re not at work, what do you get up to?

I’m an incredibly active person, always up for doing something. Whether that’s getting outdoors with the dog, cooking, shopping, going to the gym or socialising with friends, I don’t sit still for long. I also spend a lot of time down in Nottingham where my family live.   

Where do you see the IT sector heading in the coming years?

A lot of things are going to become automated over the next few years, and technology is going to become a lot more accessible for companies of all sizes. People don’t have as much time – by investing in good data systems and processes, companies are going to be able to improve profitability, save time and make life easier with BI and Data.