A job in the tech sector is the hottest ticket in town right now – and Manchester is offering more of these prestigious passes to thrilling careers than any other region.

This famous city occupied trailblazing territory during the Industrial Revolution and, once again, it’s leading a sector through an almighty boom.

Listed among the Top 10 Large European Cities of the Future for 2018/19, Manchester is currently offering a vast range of excellent IT opportunities, and we’re set to see even more from the local tech sector in the future.

Here, we offer an outlook for IT careers in Mancunia…

For IT, Manny is the place to be

More than 7,000 tech companies. Over 60,000 tech jobs. One of the first cities to test superfast 5G connectivity. A local council pumping two million into tech hubs.

There’s no doubt that Manchester is by far the best spot for tech right now.

Research has also revealed that tech companies in the city centre and surrounding area are attracting investment at a faster rate than any other region in Europe – an eye-watering £482m alone in 2017.

This buzz shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, and this sector excitement – coupled with the attractive lower living rates – means thousands are now choosing Manchester over London to set up tech firms and pursue IT roles.

The future of IT jobs in Manchester

With the tech industry growing so quickly, businesses are beginning to dedicate a considerable amount of funding to personal development. Nowadays, both seasoned tech workers and graduates have opportunities to pick up key skills as part of their occupation. Business transformation is set to be a top priority for many companies in 2019 and beyond.

We’ll also see growing demand for cybersecurity roles as new tech startups demand higher levels of digital protection. Hacking is becoming more frequent and sophisticated, and as Manchester continues to take on more tech, many cybercrooks will begin to target companies within the city.  

A big shift towards big data, too, is inevitable. There is immense value to be found in analysing, evaluating and discovering patterns in company information, which is why Data Scientist roles will only become more sought after. Having data specialists in house can put businesses one step ahead in what’s set to be a saturated marketplace.

Are tech roles taking their toll?  

Hundreds of businesses across Manchester are building out their capacity and implementing more tech roles than ever before. The result is quite dizzying for recruiters and candidates alike. Companies are facing intense competition to bring on board the right person, whilst tech specialists have almost too many potential employers to choose from.

The Manc tech bubble is electric. But, as impressive as it might look from the outside, those within the sector can become overwhelmed very quickly.

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