Recruitment doesn’t always get a good rep – which I think is understandable. Some recruiters have a habit of pestering people over and over again, and there are many that feel that the industry is full of bravado, buzzwords and pinstripe suits. It’s true that the persistent approach and corporate attire works for some – but it’s not for us.

Chris Bailey and I set up ON:iT Recruitment with the clear aim of building a modern recruitment services company that did away with the hard-nosed, sales-like culture. That way is old and tired. Recruitment can be, and is being done, a different way.

As our candidates and clients will testify, Chris, I, and the rest of the team are just real, normal, hardworking people doing a job, and offering a service to those who need it. We’d much rather be known as a business that focuses on building lasting relationships rather than chasing the quick wins.  

When recruiting for ourselves and our clients, we focus heavily on culture fit. It’s my own personal view that a great culture is about building a team that you can go for a beer with. You may have your own views (comment below), but this is my way of encapsulating what a good culture is.

Here are some of my tips for attracting like-minded people who you’ll get on with – inside of work and out…

Create a place where people want to be 

Sometimes you’ll have a tough phone call, or you’ll find yourself struggling on a project. We create the type of atmosphere that gives people the chance to take a timeout when they need one. 

At ON:iT, a huge part of creating a pleasant atmosphere are our office dogs, Missy and Biggie, who you can’t help but love. In our No.1 Spinningfields HQ, dogs are free to roam around the office. They’re real characters to have in the workplace, and they’re a fantastic icebreaker when meeting candidates and clients. 

I love having office dogs because they make everyone so happy. 

Give people what they need to succeed

It’s important to give people what they need to succeed at work. And by succeed, I mean to get work done whilst enjoying it. 

Some roles can mean spending hours on admin tasks – the boring stuff that few people enjoy. With our tech tools and bespoke software, we remove as much of this as possible – allowing people to have more fulfilling roles with plenty of variety.  

Look after people… and they’ll look after you

I’m a firm believer that, as a business owner, going above and beyond every day for people is essential in the workplace. 

It sounds simple but it’s so important to be straight and honest with people at all times – never ‘moving the goalposts’ or adjusting procedures with too little notice – both classic management-led recruitment activities. There are too many examples from my past of recruitment consultants achieving way less than they were able to because of such things – things that I consider mistreating employees.

People should feel happy, cared for, and valued across all roles in the business. Without happy, motivated, valued people, a business is worthless – no matter what the bank manager says.

We’re also big on team bonding at ON:iT, doing the usual like celebrating birthdays and taking new starters out for lunch on their first day. But we have the most fun with regular nights out and ad-hoc lunches trying out Manchester’s varied restaurants. Significant achievements are also rewarded with holidays and gifts of a person’s own choosing.

By creating a great team atmosphere, everyone works for one another – everyone faces in the same direction – and that’s a winning formula. It’s working really well for us.

If you would like to come and meet the dogs, or even talk about recruitment, give me a call on 0161 416 6000 or leave a message via our online contact form.