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Graduate Recruitment In 2019

Applying for your first role in tech is a damn scary experience. Most graduates will have been through their fair share of nerve-wracking moments by the time university ends, but walking into that job market completely alone is more unsettling than all those seminar presentations and final exams combined.

What most candidates don’t know, however, is that companies aren’t feeling entirely confident either.

Graduate recruitment is historically pretty tricky territory for businesses, as very few applicants will have a paper trail or working reputation to go on. Welcoming a young techie into the team can often feel like a big gamble, even when they’ve interviewed well.

Regardless of whether you’re a candidate or recruiter, it’s crucial to get a feel for the graduate hire environment before you dive in with both feet. In this blog, we cover the climate in greater detail – putting you in the best possible position for graduate recruitment in 2019.

Finding talented people in the younger crowd

Tech has been “the next big thing” for as long as anyone can remember. At the end of each year, a flurry of thought leaders announce that tech will take new strides over the next twelve months. And they’re always right, of course. IT innovations are refusing to slow down and, sure enough, the number and range of roles will only increase in 2019.

We’ve actually reached the point where companies are fighting over candidates rather than the other way around. With a smaller pool of people possessing the skillsets to fill these new roles, businesses are increasingly turning to a young group who have fresh eyes and knowledge of emerging markets.

If you’re looking for your first role in IT, don’t be deterred by the “bigger” vacancies. You might actually have just as much to offer a firm as someone with several years’ worth of experience. A modern tech degree can be a golden ticket…

Digital onboarding

The day of the CV is dead. In previous years, recruiters would put time aside to read through every application word by word, but things have changed a bit since then. Indeed, most companies in the modern era treat CVs as candidate “snapshots”; as long as the right stuff stands out, they’ll be pushed through to the interview stage.

This isn’t because CVs have less value in the 21st century. It’s the fact that businesses recognise the value of meeting face-to-face – and interviewing candidates is considerably easier now due to digitalised meeting rooms. If someone looks good on paper, a recruiter can conduct an initial interview online and confirm whether it’s worth arranging an in-person meeting.

Recruitment will continue leaning towards digital onboarding in 2019 – particularly in the graduate sector, with the younger crowd actually preferring this interview method over traditional means.

A candidate’s tale

During any interview, a candidate should ask their potential employer to reveal the story behind their brand. A good company will always have a great tale – and a top boss will always be happy to tell it.

But thanks to the huge range of work experience placements, exciting new courses, and skill-building opportunities for students nowadays, many graduates have stories of their own before they officially head into the industry. And employers want to hear them.

There’s a big emphasis on candidate narratives in 2019 and it’s true that companies should encourage applicants to reflect on their life to date during interviews. Not only will it reveal things a CV never could, it’ll also help both parties to understand one another from the start.

We specialise in graduate recruitment

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Graduate recruitment requires a carefully crafted strategy. Given how the tech market is always changing, it’s enormously beneficial to have a pro by your side to help you during the process.

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