So, you’re hiring a new specialist to fulfil an important role in an evolving department. What sort of candidate do you look for? 

The majority of employers would, quite naturally, seek a pro who’s been around the block: a highly experienced, “been there, done that, got the t-shirt” kind of candidate. 

There are two classic problems with this approach. You’ll be competing with everybody else, and you’ll need to be ready to offer big wages. Hiring a graduate to fill the role instead is cheaper for sure, but in this day and age, student recruitment actually offers a wide range of additional benefits that you may have never even previously considered. 

Indeed, smart recruitment of ambitious graduates can take your business to the next level. Here’s how… 

Tapping into the digital generation 

There’s a skills shortage in the tech sector right now – with those over the age of 30 forced to adapt to the changing working world and acquire basic digital abilities on the job. 

Graduates today, however, struggle to remember a time when they weren’t using a PC or portable device. They’ve grown up fully immersed in tech – armed with advanced digital knowledge, skills and ideas that older generations simply do not have. 

When you hire a tech graduate, you’ll enjoy access to fresh, innovative, out-of-the-box thinking from a natural member of the digital generation. You’ll learn a lot from them, whilst they pick up plenty from you in return. 

Closing the skills gap

As we’ve already explored previously in our SWiTCHED:ON blog, graduate recruitment is instrumental in closing the skills gap. 

Bringing younger candidates on board can help to balance out the demographics of the team and maintain a wide range of opinions available from alternative age groups. What’s more, when word gets out that you’re willing to take on ambitious young minds, you’ll notice the quantity and quality of candidate applications rising – which in turn creates its own buzz surrounding your company. 

Before you know it, you could develop a reputation for being one of the most supportive and progressive organisations in your sector when it comes to recruitment. 

Building family-like teams 

If you can create a fun, stimulating, opportunity-filled working space for graduates, they won’t see the need to use you as a stepping stone to “better” things. If they’re always moving up, learning and can see a future at the company, they’ll stick with you. 

Ultimately, this creates a loyal group of people who grow and develop side by side with one another – with minimal turnover making the office feel like a family. A great working atmosphere is pivotal for great results – and taking care of your graduate candidates is the first important step. 

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