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How IT Roles Have Evolved Over The Past 20 Years

It’s 1998. IT pros are punching away at Lego-like keys, reading emails about the millennium bug from monitors too big to fit into a car boot. Google is yet to be registered as an official company, and Sony are putting the final touches to their revolutionary new PlayStation 2 console.

Fast-forward to the present day and the picture is very much different. Tech has undergone a stunning makeover. Everything has changed – including the people and roles that keep the electricity flowing in IT.

Here are some of the main ways in which the IT job market has evolved over the past two decades.

Everyone is leaving digital footprints

Job interviews in 1998 were often held between complete strangers. In the digital climate, people feel as though they know one another before they’ve even met.

Professional networking platforms like LinkedIn give employers the opportunity to scout candidates before bringing them in for a formal interview, whilst employer review aggregators like Glassdoor offer candidates a window into what their potential new company is truly like.

Nowadays, we can follow digital footprints to get a feel for the person we’re about to meet before coming face-to-face.

Robots are rising

The closest we got to seeing real-life robots in 1998 was on the cinema screen watching Lost in Space. Today, they’re all around us.

This rapid rise of the robots has managed to simultaneously amaze and panic people in the IT world. Some are marvelling at the technology and others are fearing for their professions.

Robotics, automation and artificial intelligence are quickly turning from cool innovations into essential, value-adding processes. They are causing IT roles to change, moving away from traditional data input to areas like cloud jobs and information security jobs.

There’s little doubt that these machines will continue to keep changing the world around us.

Recruitment has moved on from CV-dropping

Twenty years ago, you’d most likely read about a tech job opening in the paper or hear about a role through word of mouth. Not that there were too many of these roles around. Today, thousands of tech positions all over the globe are up for grabs – and you can apply for most of them by tapping your thumb against your smartphone.

However, that’s not to say it’s easier to get into tech today than it was in 1998. Throwing your name into the ring is certainly simpler, but employers expect much more from candidates now. Excellent knowledge of markets, wide experience, a passion for the industry, a hunger to learn, and an ability to adapt to constant changes are all requirements.

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