Tracking down a great employee, or discovering a top company with which to pursue your career, is tough.

Regardless of whether you’re a company or a candidate, the process of finding a perfect fit can drag on for weeks or even months… unless you have a recruitment agency by your side, of course.

In this SWiTCHED:ON blog, we demonstrate some of the key ways in which a recruitment agency can save you precious time.

They speed up the whole process

If you’ve got an open vacancy at your company, the chances are that someone important just departed, or your business needs a particular skill fast in order to push forwards. In either instance, you need to get this role filled quickly. The longer it remains open, the more opportunities you miss (or worse, you’re forced to deal with a loss in revenue).

By doing all the legwork, recruitment agencies can plug the gap in twice the speed – and not just with an average Joe. They source the top candidates and minimise interview time through smart shortlisting tools, meaning you only talk to the chosen few who are likely to make the cut.

They’ve got the contacts

People buy people – especially in recruitment.

As a candidate, if you’ve got a top agency behind you who can vouch for your abilities, you’re immediately in prime position to gain interviews at great companies. On the other side of the coin, a business will talk exclusively to quality people when they have a recruitment agency manning the door.

The best recruiters have the best contacts, and this can go a considerably long way when it comes to saving time.

They know what you need

You may have always pictured yourself in business change jobs, for example, when in fact you may be more suited (and happier) in business intelligence.

Companies may believe they should be advertising for general network security jobs, when in reality expert penetration testers would add more value to their firm.

The market changes so often, it’s easy to get muddled. But through top tools and information tests, IT recruitment agencies can identify your needs and point you in the right direction from the very beginning – preventing you from heading down the wrong path.

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