Tech has changed the way that we do everything in business. This extends to bringing new employees on board; we have more means than ever to streamline the recruitment process and pinpoint the perfect person for the job.

Technology can take the hangover out of recruitment. It’s the ultimate headache-soother, and it works at every step: from perfecting the job advert, to shortlisting candidates, to interviewing the chosen few.

In this Switched:ON blog, we explore how tech so often proves to be the ultimate business pain reliever…

Easy, Effective Communication


Working successfully with a recruitment company boils down to effective communication. Once upon a time, businesses would have to set several hours aside each week to get together with their recruiter in person and discuss the big updates. These meetings were usually arranged via an email chain so long and complex it bordered on indecipherable, meaning vital info was missed along the way.

No more. Thanks to tech, these lengthy email exchanges and meetings are a thing of the past. It’s now super simple to stay in touch with your recruiter via phone, PC or other smart devices. We’re constantly on the phone to clients, and give employers access to their own dashboard too – offering updates and support regarding their vacancies.

Of course, sometimes a meeting is the best way forward. But when face-time isn’t required, interacting with your recruiter has never been easier. And that’s exactly the way it should be.


Smart Searching


Many old recruitment tactics leaned heavily on luck. Tech has provided savvy employers with an edge when it comes to tracking down the very best candidates on the market.

Top recruitment consultancies like ON:iT utilise a variety of advanced tools to ensure no stone is left unturned during a job search. We can quickly scour the web for relevant candidates, and even gather insightful data that can be used to enhance job adverts and attract excellent candidates.

Complete Video Interview Toolkit

Enhanced Interviewing  


It’s little wonder the recruitment process used to be so long-winded. Without the tools we have today, employers would be forced to go back and forth with their recruiter for weeks before building a list of candidates, and then painstakingly arrange to meet these applicants at suitable times.

Tech has taken this tiring toing and froing and streamlined the interview-organisation stage – our team have a virtual meeting room, known as ON:LiNE, which allows us and our clients to communicate with candidates from absolutely anywhere, saving time, energy and money for everyone involved.

ON:LiNE in numbers:

  • 74% of candidate’s that progress from a video to a face to face are deemed suitable for the job by the client.
  • Average time saved in the hiring process: 16 days
  • 96% of Hiring Managers say that video shortlists are their preferred way of reviewing candidates.


ON:iT: Tech-Savvy Recruitment Consultants With A Twist


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