How do you increase performance in an ever-changing business environment? How can you make a company structure fluid enough to move with the times? What steps should you take when attempting to safeguard the sustainability of your business in the future?

These are questions every ambitious business owner ought to be asking, and the answer to each is the same: future-proofing is all about investing in the right people.

With the best people on board, you can achieve digital transformation and ensure your business keeps pace with the competition. In this Switched:ON blog, we discuss a few key principles of doing this effectively:

Diversity is digital’s best friend

In order to keep evolving as a business in the digital age, it’s important to embrace a sense of diversity in recruitment.

Hiring people with similar interests and strengths may work well in the short term, but as you grow, you’ll need a wider set of skills within your team. A bigger company invariably faces bigger demands and expectations – and it’s crucial to have an eclectic mix of people in your organisation to cater for them.

Not only will a diverse team ensure you’re equipped to take on all challenges, it will also offer a sense of balance, meaning staff are always learning from one another.

Tech roles are an investment

Don’t neglect any tech positions that might need filling in your business. As little as a decade ago, it was common for SMEs to have one person in charge of everything IT-related. Nowadays, that simply doesn’t work.

Most businesses require a team of IT experts in the modern age – and this group of workers will only get larger as the working world becomes more reliant on tech.

Be sure you have someone in place for every market you need – be it IT security, executive search, IT support, data intelligence, or open-source development. And if business change and IT transformation is an initiative in itself, you’ll need the right people in place to deliver an effective programme.

Everyone in the business should embrace tech

When focusing on those tasked with leading change, don’t forget the people expected to follow suit. Every member of your team plays a part in going digital – engaging and training them is key to a successful transformation.

This makes it vital to consider leadership when hiring senior people for business change programmes. So, look beyond the CV and ask: would I be inspired to listen and learn from the person I’m bringing on board?

ON:iT Recruitment create tight-knit teams

No matter how big or small your business, ON:iT Recruitment have the knowledge and experience to help you build a team for the next chapter. In fact, we have our very own digital transformation expert working in-house.