So, you’ve done it. You’ve decided to take the leap and join a new business.

You’ve listed all the pros and cons. You’ve dedicated a huge chunk of time towards job applications and interviews. You’ve even mentally pictured your new route to work in fresh surroundings.

But then, a counter-offer comes in, and it makes you wonder: “Am I really making the right decision?”

This blog should help you figure that out…


Accepting a counter-offer comes with complications…

Assume you take the counter-offer from your current employer. What comes next? Sure, a bigger pay cheque next month. But nothing will quite be the same upon your return.

First of all, your employer is going to be on edge with lots of questions running through their mind. Why were you listening out for other offers? Will you be looking to move again in the future? Are you likely to use the “I’m leaving” tactic to negotiate future salary increases?

You may know your employer well by this stage, so consider what they’re like as a person before you fall back on that counter-offer. If they’re going to make life difficult for you due to a lack of trust on their part, then taking that counter-offer doesn’t benefit anybody in the long run.


Will staying put actually make you happy?

More money is always tempting. As is the promise of greater responsibility and control. But will this really repair the problem that pushed you towards those job boards in the first instance?

The stats suggest not. According to research, a huge 80% employers who take a counter-offer end up leaving within six months.

Be honest with yourself. Why were you looking for a new role? Can you actually develop and progress whilst working for your current company? Do you truly believe your employer will follow through with the promises they’re making?


Have you had any feedback from a third party?

If you’re caught between two employers, you could soon begin to lose sense of what you’re really looking for.

That’s why it’s so important to have a third party looking out for you. You need an expert to confide in when things get tough, providing you with an alternative opinion from a unique perspective.

Naturally, the final decision is up to you. But a having supportive person in your corner can make all the difference when it comes to choosing the right path.

ON:iT can guide you through the candidate journey

If you’re finding it tough to make a big decision – don’t panic. You’re not alone. At ON:iT, we dedicate time to supporting candidates with our experience and expertise – helping you weigh up your options and make the right call when it comes down to it.

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