The best things in life don’t tend to come easy. Exhibit A: talented candidates.

To attract real quality to your organisation, you’ll need to put effort into assembling a recruitment plan that’s designed not just to turn heads – but to keep eyes fixed on your firm no matter what.

No business wants to lose their top staff. So, when you’re close to sealing the deal with a top candidate, there’s always the risk that their current employer will launch a counter-offer in a bid to retain their services.

In this guide, we detail what you can do to prevent such issues.


Prevention is better than cure…

If you’ve recently caught the eye of a truly outstanding candidate, you need to accept the fact that agreeing terms may take time. Their current employer will also likely be fighting to keep them.

Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping the deal will come through, be transparent with candidates from the off. Talk about the possibility of a counter-offer early in the recruitment cycle.

This way, you can agree terms and strike a deal that the candidate will honour – regardless of what their old employer might offer to tempt them into staying put.


Put all possibilities on the table…

In reality, counter-offers are flattering. There’s no greater compliment than being told you’re a valuable asset. Throw a salary increase on top of this praise and it can often be enough to make someone think: “Well, perhaps I’ll stick around after all…”

It’s the element of surprise that can catch out the candidate and prompt them to start second-guessing themselves. So, ensure they’re ready for what might be coming in that counter-offer.

It’ll probably include a raise. It will definitely contain a promise that things will improve. And, it might even include a couple of added employee benefits.

Preparing the candidate appropriately can make them immune to the counter-offer and stop them abandoning their new role.


Embrace the role of confidant…

Going through a resignation is tough for anyone – no matter how thick-skinned you might be. It’s never an easy thing to walk into an office and announce your imminent departure.

So be there for the candidate. Ask them to call you as soon as they’ve spoken to their current employer.  They’ll be enormously grateful for the support and reassurance – and you can remind them about everything they have to look forward to in their new position.

Keep up the communication during their notice period, too – reminding them they can come to you whenever they want to talk things through.


Come to ON:iT for support with counter-offers

Have you seen a couple of key hires fall at the final hurdle? Are you struggling to bring aboard brilliant people who can take your organisation into new territory? Perhaps you’re concerned that a pending agreement may collapse when a counter-offer comes in.

We can help. Get in touch with the ON:iT team today and we can get started on building a strategy that protects your time and money when it comes to the recruitment process.