Imagine if you could completely cut timewasters out of the equation during recruitment. Think how much money you’d save if the queue of applicants outside your door consisted exclusively of perfect people.

No awkward interviews with unsuitable candidates. No arduous slogs through dozens of poorly written CVs. No late nights spent whittling down a long list to a short one. Just imagine the process being quick and fruitful – letting you take your pick from a select group of ideal people for the free position.

Well, you can snap out of that fantasy: ON:iT Recruitment have been providing these services for clients since we first set up shop in Spinningfields, Manchester – making recruitment effective, easy and enjoyable.

Here’s how we do it…

Tell us your story

Attracting top candidates starts with you.

People who are half-heartedly fishing for a role won’t care about a company bio. The hungry, talented candidates, however, never turn up to an interview without finding out more about their potential employer first.  

From the moment you get in touch, we want to hear your company story. Sure, your plan for the future is important. But what about your past? What did you do to reach this point in the first place? Where did your business come from? How was your brand born?

Tell us everything you can about your company and what you stand for – and we’ll then build this into a bespoke recruitment strategy. The more we know about you, the better placed we’ll be to track down the types of candidates who will benefit your business.

After we’ve heard your tale, we’ll ask you to elaborate on what you’re looking for and, if necessary, we can help you pinpoint exactly what you require to take your business forward.

Pick a market

ON:iT cover a wide range of subsectors beneath the tech umbrella.

With us, you’ll be able to find a candidate who is ideal for your vacancy – not just someone with general IT skills and a broad interest in tech.

Once we know what you need, we’ll assign a specialist to you. There’s an ON:iT expert with knowledge in every major tech sector, so you can always enjoy the right support you need, whatever person you might be looking for.

Just some of the markets in which we can help you include:

Settle on a strategy

So, by this stage we know who you are and have a clear picture of the person you want to bring into your company (and why).

At this point, we put together a strategy that works best for you. Rather than casting a wide net, we draw on our database to find people who will slot straight into the role with ease.

We’ll only contact people who we believe will have their heads turned by the vacancy you’re offering, and ensure that those who apply are actually passionate about wanting to make this position their own.

Our ON:LiNE service offers a virtual meeting space where first-stage interviews can be conducted quickly and efficiently. Our team can ask questions on your behalf and record the whole process – and you’re free to jump in if you want. This basically eliminates the unsuitable applicants right away – generating a succinct shortlist for in-person interviews.

We also provide a premium service for our clients in the shape of ON:BOARD. This puts us at your beck and call when you need a full-scale recruitment solution, and comes with a wide array of advanced features that lets you leapfrog the competition in your hunt for candidates – including interviewing, microsites, technical testing, culture matching and background checks.

But our service doesn’t stop at the recruitment stage. We also support our clients with aftercare…

Pop in for progress checks

We’re not going to pretend recruiters are well thought of. It’s common knowledge that they aren’t the most popular kids in the corporate crowd. Many of them are under big pressure to fill empty job roles as quickly as possible in return for a massive financial incentive – which has led to the role of the recruiter gaining a bad reputation.

Some are exhaustingly insistent, but the really frustrating ones are those who squeeze square pegs into round holes and then completely abandon ill-fitting candidates when the paperwork is complete.

Hurrying a candidate through the recruitment process is bad for everybody. The candidate is left feeling alone in a job they don’t like, whilst the company are forced to put extra time into training a baffled, disillusioned employee who would rather be anywhere else.

At ON:iT, we never push you into anything. The whole process is guided by you, which means there won’t be any unnecessary meetings or unsuitable applicants approaching your door. When you eventually find that amazing new member of staff, you can always contact us whenever you like and talk about how it’s all going so far.

We pride ourselves on performing progress checks and ensuring our clients and candidates are 100% happy.

Ready to kick-start your recruitment?

It’s time to stop attempting to navigate the tech markets on your own. Our experts are ready and waiting to step in and offer you personalised support in your mission to find the best candidates for your company.

Get in touch with us on 0161 416 6000 today for more information about our recruitment services. You can also drop us a line using our online contact form. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as we’ve read your message.

If you’re based in the city of Manchester, though, why not pop into our office for a chinwag? We’re based at No.1 Spinningfields. There’ll be comfy sofas, office dogs, and an unlimited supply of tea and coffee waiting for you…