It doesn’t feel great when someone knocks on your door and explains they’re moving on. Especially if they’re one of your key members of staff. Losing top employees is tough, and when someone hands in their letter of resignation, you feel inclined to blame yourself. Why wasn’t your business good enough for them? 

The important thing to remember here is to react in a level-headed way. If you respond accordingly to an employee resignation, you can learn the kind of information that will keep staff turnover down in the future.

Ask why

Instead of letting your emotions overcome you when a member of staff says they’ve found another job, take a deep breath, invite them to take a seat, and initiate an open, honest conversation. Alternatively, schedule this talk in for a time when you’ve worked out what you’d like to discuss. 

Ask the departing employee to give a warts-and-all account of their time at the company – and promise you won’t pass judgment. You can always get them to write down the reasons if they feel uncomfortable vocalising their feelings. Reassure them you’re looking for complete honesty as their feedback will help you to build a better business. 

Some of it might be tough to hear, but there’s no need to be bitter. If you’re respectful and calm, you’ll get the truthful response that you need to improve and move forwards.  

Explore solutions

Use resignation feedback (and current employee satisfaction forms) to look for gaps in your company – things you might not be offering for staff that they’re able to get elsewhere. 

For example, your team may be looking to acquire new skills on the job. Introducing training programmes is a great way to keep the knowledge-hungry members engaged and stimulated. 

Morale is also important, which is why you should recognise employees for their achievements. This can be something as simple as mentioning them in the company newsletter or giving them gifts to thank them for their hard work. 

It’s also worth considering reward strategies to keep staff incentivised. These schemes give people something to work towards, and another reason to put in that extra little bit of effort. 

Prevent a next time

Of course, it’s possible you might be bringing the wrong people on board in the first place. Poor recruitment can lead to unsuitable staff populating the workplace, but with the right enlisting methods, you’ve got the best chance of getting the best people.  

ON:iT Recruitment offer a proven interview platform in the shape of ON:LiNE – a digital meeting space that lets you communicate with candidates in a fluid, effective way to build a higher-quality shortlist. 

We work closely with companies and candidates to minimise resignations through prevention. Our team help the right business people find one another for a fruitful, lasting working relationship. 

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