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Is It Time To Use An Agency For Your IT Recruitment?

You won’t see long lines of tech experts queueing up for vacant roles these days. The truth is that there just aren’t that many of them around.

The current market is so candidate-driven now; businesses can’t afford to be half-baked in their approach to recruitment. To get the best people, you’ve got to be the best.

It’s never been a better time to bring in an agency to handle your IT recruitment – and here are a few reasons why.

Tech is at the core of every modern company. And you need top people to run it…

Tech should be driving every business now – regardless of sector.

Whether your business is made of 20 or 2,000 people, you should have some form of tech taking your business forward. That could be something as simple as a website or database, or something more complex like a bespoke piece of software. Whatever it may be, you’ll need somebody to create and maintain it for you.

Problem is, every business needs these tech specialists. That’s why there are so few around: they get snapped up quick. Currently, a developer is on the market for one week on average (which is no time at all).

To throw another spanner in the works, offering a lot of money just isn’t effective anymore. People are looking for fulfilment in roles – and companies are putting more on the table to attract them. Retaining great team members is a big focus for many businesses now.

IT recruitment isn’t just a cost-saving exercise… it’s an essential service

Many agencies are quick to tell businesses how much time they can save by using their recruitment services. It’s true, of course, and whilst you’ll invariably minimise time and money spent, the main reason to use recruiters is because they’re rapidly becoming essential.

Companies need help to bring in first-rate tech people. Agencies are quick to acquire from the small pool of excellent candidates, so if you’re doing all your recruitment yourself, you’ll never get to these people in time. You’ll always be playing catch-up.

Even if you do manage to turn applicants’ heads, how will you separate the brilliant from the average? Do you really know what a good CV looks like? Can you confidently identify the cream of the crop in a pile of cover letters? And how can you know what a good candidate looks like in every area? You can’t. If you’re not in the right networks, it’s tough to understand how getting the best in tech works.

What the great agencies offer

The leading recruitment agencies provide the people, tools and tech to give businesses a competitive edge when bringing in the perfect employees – working to improve current processes in a collaborative way.

Agencies can give you the average salaries and expectations (the sort of stuff you need for interviews) to increase hiring efficiency and effectiveness. ON:LiNE, the web-based interview facility provided by ON:iT, is a perfect example.

It’s also about education. Businesses might know they need something… but can’t quite put their finger on what it is. Agencies should be able to open up a dialogue to help these companies discover the absolute requirements of the role.

The team here at ON:iT speak to people all day, every day – finding the candidates that our clients are looking for.

Many companies that choose to recruit by themselves are going to have to be more open about their methods in 2019. If you’re not using an agency, the problems will start to mount up very quickly as you’re constantly trying to equal your competitors.

Don’t let the best tech guys slip through your fingers. Get our team involved in the recruitment process and we can show you where all the top candidates are hiding. Give us a call on 0161 416 6000 to find out more.