Robots in the Workplace

Haven’t you heard? The robots are coming for our jobs.

You see it all the time on social media: chillingly realistic androids performing human role sat twice the speed. Could these futuristic machines replace us forever? In ten years, will there be anything left for us to actually do?

There’s a very real sense that we’re all set to become obsolete as robots take our professions. But is there any need for the panic?

In this SWiTCHED:ON blog, we take a closer look at the rise of automation and machine learning in the modern climate, exploring the effect that this will have on jobs and recruitment moving forwards.

Should we be worried about robots in the workplace?

The rapid advancement of today’s technology won’t slow down – which leaves us with two choices. We can either sit back and let the machines do their thing. Or we can adapt to this new environment. It’s true that automation is guaranteed to kick humans out of certain occupations, but, importantly, it’ll open doors for new roles… and that’s the part you don’t hear.

A new tech revolution will give rise to jobs we could never have previously imagined – responsibilities that the machines just aren’t ready for. Artificial Intelligence and automation will need management, supervision and support, and the real concern isn’t a lack of jobs, but a lack of knowledge among humans to perform these new roles.

The tech sector is in need of higher numbers of qualified experts – which is why upskilling is so important.  

Upskilling is more important now than ever

With automation set to change the job market irrevocably over the next decade, both companies and candidates must take action today. The more that people learn now, the better placed they’ll be to perform the roles created in the wake of increased automation.

As the robots come stomping into view, tech experts have also voiced the importance of retaining the human touch in the sector. There are certain qualities that will always be completely exclusive to human beings. But we cannot rest on these alone. We must adjust and prepare for a new society by upskilling and training.

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