As one of the best professional ice hockey teams in the UK, Manchester Storm have an extremely strong presence on the local business scene. We’re proud members of their Business 200 Club, and you’ll often find our team cheering them on from the sidelines at the Silver Blades Ice Rink in Altrincham.

Having recently moved into our new premises, WeWork Manchester in Spinningfields, we offered to host a networking session for the Business 200 Club. The event, which happily coincided with the soft launch of 20 Stories on the top floor of No.1 Spinningfields, was a great success… let’s tell you all about it…

An introduction to the event

After a spot of networking to kick off proceedings, everyone grabbed a drink and took a seat for introductions. Head Coach Ryan Finnerty gave us an insight into why Manchester Storm are amongst the most successful professional ice hockey teams in the UK, and the benefits of being a member of the Business 200 Club.

We also heard from Jordan Saleh, of WeWork Manchester, who gave guests a glimpse at what the co-working space has to offer, as well as plans for the new WeWork coming soon to St Peter’s Square. With the introductions out of the way, we then moved on to presentations from Ste McGrath of MTS and Luke Grimes of Webantic, who had kindly agreed to share a few words of wisdom…

Training and nutrition to optimise work performance

Coach and personal trainer Ste McGrath specialises in nutrition, and knows what an impact diet can have on energy levels throughout the working day. In his presentation, he talked about some of the basic principles of getting your diet right, including cutting out triggers that cause peaks and troughs.

He also dispelled a few myths, including the concept that you shouldn’t eat carbohydrates at night. As your body has a natural jump in insulin levels in the morning, he explained that it’s better to eat carbs in the evening; this releases serotonin that promotes a better night’s sleep.

Want to learn more? Head over to his Facebook page to get in touch.

Artificial Intelligence – Will it make us redundant?

While Ste talked about improving focus at work, our next speaker asked if we’ll even have a job to go to in a few years’ time. Luke Grimes, Co-Founder of Webantic, took a look at the enormous potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and outlined some of the ways in which it’s already transforming the modern world.

However, he was quick to point out that it will be a long time before AI can replace the amazing capabilities of humans. While it will be easy to automate some roles – such as those in the farming industry – in the coming years, others are going to require more refinement of technology before humans need to worry about their job.

Celebrating a successful event

There was plenty of food for thought after the talks, with nutrition and AI fuelling the conversation over beers as the networking event wound down. Afterwards, Manchester Storm, the speakers and a few guests joined the ON:iT Recruitment team upstairs to check out 20 Stories ahead of the official launch.

As expected, a few drinks turned into a few more, and it was a great way to celebrate a successful first event for ON:iT at our new WeWork HQ. Thanks to everyone who joined us! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss the next one.