All kinds of things can sway an employer when it comes to settling on a candidate. It’s good to know the right people, for instance. Having examples of your work to hand doesn’t hurt either. But in an age where there is a shortfall of qualified tech talent, a professional IT course will leap out from the page. 

The tech skills deficit means there is huge demand for applicants with industry-standard certifications, and any candidate with accolades under their belt will invariably turn heads. For now, well-qualified, highly experienced tech workers are something of a rare breed. 

Here are some of the professional IT courses worth considering to bolster your profile. 

Network engineer certifications

Network engineers are proving to be a popular career path in today’s market, and if you can demonstrate expertise in these areas, you’ll undoubtedly catch the eye of top companies. 

For qualifications in this domain, it’s worth heading over to Cisco – where you can gain entry-level, associate, professional and expert certifications. 

Cybersecurity courses

Cybersecurity is another sector in dire need of experts, and there are more university courses being offered in this field every year. 

Many choose to pursue cybersecurity degrees on the side whilst they work in a related role. Despite their price tag (typically £5,000-£12,000), these qualifications are worth their weight in gold when it comes to finding a great job. 

By giving you the knowledge you need to close doors on digital crooks, cybersecurity qualifications open doors for you on the job market. 

Coding diplomas

Coding is an essential skill for app and web developers, and many companies look for relevant diplomas and degrees when they interview candidates for related positions. 

If you’re committed to the cause, coding is something you can also learn in your own time. The most sought-after programming languages worth considering are C#, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby and SQL.

Cloud computing 

Cloud computing is here to stay, and there’s a huge demand for well-qualified cloud experts in the current climate. 

Ordinarily, you’ll need a computer science degree (or similar) within your repertoire to be considered for a cloud computing position – although you may be able to prove you’re up to the challenge with an array of training courses under your belt. 

Many of the major cloud providers – including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud – have training courses available for affordable fees, and these look impressive on any application. 

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