Leeds, like Manchester, is a bit of a playground for techies. This great West Yorkshire city has embraced digitisation in a way that few other regions have, resulting in an overabundance of IT companies springing up from Headingley to Holbeck.

Everyone’s been talking about the 10-Year Challenge on social media, and if you were to draw up a meme of Leeds’ local job scene, you’d realise just how unrecognisable it is one decade on.

Tech jobs are everywhere in 2019, and in our capacity as a IT recruitment agency serving the Leeds area, we’re permanently in tune with what’s hot and what’s not.

Here’s what you need to know about the job market right now…

There’s big demand for Developers

Developers – particularly Agile Software Developers – are some of the most popular positions in the Leeds IT sector in 2019.

Advertised roles are well into the hundreds, with many firms looking for more than one Developer at any one time.

If you’re a Developer with some decent experience, you’ll have a great shot at bagging yourself a top role in this Yorkshire city.

Continuous delivery roles are seeing a surge

Do you have experience in producing software in short cycles for frequent distribution? You could be needed in Leeds.

The tech world is increasingly reliant on this specific skill set – and fresh continuous delivery roles are creeping onto the Leeds job boards almost every single week in 2019.

Take note, speedy software builders.

Companies are splashing out on business development

With tech changing all the time, companies need to make smart decisions when it comes to which clients to work with.

Many companies are striving to maintain strong relationships in a frantic sector by hiring new members to their business development teams – and the money for these roles is going up at a rate of knots.

If you can navigate tech networks, there could be a handsome wage awaiting you in Leeds.

How to land these hot IT roles

The good news is that there are hundreds of different IT roles in Leeds available right now. However, you’ll need to have the right skills and experience to make it onto the shortlist for any of these vacancies.

Here are a few things you can do to put yourself in contention for the higher-paid positions:

Learn programming languages

High numbers of Leeds businesses are asking for SQL, JavaScript, C# and Python knowledge, so if you aren’t fluent in any of those, it’s worth putting in some hours to learn at least one. Expanding your programming vocabulary makes you a more desirable candidate for almost any IT role in Leeds – and substantially increases your chances of getting a bigger salary.

Show what you know

There are far more tech roles than there are people, so companies consider it a massive coup when they hire someone with knowledge in several areas. If you can prove you have expertise and experience across multiple markets, you’re in with a good shot of being shortlisted.

Gain awareness of the sector

Companies will always want to take on a passionate techie rather than someone who could take or leave IT. If you’re a candidate in this market, give yourself the best possible chance of securing a great role by articulating your knowledge of the Leeds tech sector and this company’s place within it.

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