As shoppers increasingly place their products on self-service checkouts and chatbots stand in for customer service assistants, there are growing concerns among the general public that tech could potentially replace people.

We now live in a world where machines can process our purchases and robots can answer our queries. This begs the question: Will there actually be any jobs left for human beings in a few years’ time? The answer, as Webantic co-founder Luke Grimes clearly explained at our recent WeWork event, is a resounding “yes”.

AI isn’t here to push humans out of roles; it’s here to repurpose them and make their working lives easier. AI’s focus is to simplify and serve rather than usurp, creating roles as opposed to removing them.

The area of business intelligence is the perfect case in point…

How AI has helped business intelligence jobs take off

A decade ago, making complex calculations, sourcing data, and conducting analysis was left to human intelligence. We could only do so much, and what we could do took a long amount of time. AI has changed this, allowing companies of all sizes to harness big data and creating business intelligence jobs as a result.

AI doesn’t just help businesses conduct data analysis in the click of a button. It also translates complex data into actionable insights that a business can use to enhance its operations.

But AI can’t be left to do this alone. It needs to be steered, monitored and reviewed on a regular basis in order to fulfil its potential. That’s where business intelligence roles come into play. Not only do companies require staff to push AI in a particular direction, they also need team members to watch this data-gathering closely and then relay the information back to people in their business – which can be subsequently used to better their company’s products and services.

Thanks to AI, the value of business intelligence is there for all to see, with plenty of people needed to push technology in the right direction and get the best from big data.

Business intelligence roles with ON:iT

ON:iT Recruitment is supporting the growth of the business intelligence sector through our specialist IT recruitment services. There’s an incredible appetite for big data in the modern world and, with AI right behind it, business intelligence roles are rapidly multiplying.

ON:iT are here to help the best BI experts find the most innovative companies. We offer IT recruitment in Manchester and UK-wide for roles such as:

  • Power BI
  • BI Analysts
  • Data & BI Managers
  • Programme Managers
  • Head of Business Intelligence

And many, many more. Get in touch with our team to find out more about what we can do for you. We’ve built our business on specialist knowledge of niches such as business intelligence, so there’s no better company to consult for BI recruitment than ON:iT.

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