Let’s clear something up: it’s okay to admit that you have limited knowledge of the IT recruitment process.

If you’ve never consulted a recruitment agency before, how could you possibly know what actually happens during the information security recruitment procedure, let alone the benefits it poses?

That’s why, in this exclusive Switched:ON feature, we outline the recruitment process for both companies and candidates alike.

1. Profiling & Identifying

If you need some fresh faces in-house to add value to your growing business, start by having a think about what skills your company may need.

This is also a great opportunity to outline your brand values. Matching candidates with these will mean that your employees don’t just have the technical skills but are suited to your company from a personality perspective.

Once you’ve relayed this information to your recruiter, they’ll discuss potential tactics to source the best candidates possible – from job board listings right through to headhunting on social media sites.

Remember, experienced IT recruiters will have a huge catalogue of well-known industry talent they can draw on – from security analyst experts right through to business change professionals.

This can prove invaluable when it comes to finding the right person.

2. Screening & Selecting

After building a portrait of the ideal candidate, your recruiter will do all the necessary screening work using the guidelines/suggestions you may have put forward during the first phase.

They’ll also look to ensure the candidate has all the necessary qualifications and experience. In the case of cloud recruitment, for example, there’d be an examination of the candidate’s knowledge of providers, storage, DevOps and programming.

Similarly, if you’re a candidate looking for quality assurance jobs, for example, the recruiter can point you in the direction of businesses who define QA jobs correctly and offer what you want and expect in this kind of role.

The selection process can begin from here – and the best recruiters can utilise sophisticated IT tools to trim the candidates/companies further by handling all first-stage interviews/meetings.

3. Interviewing & Offering

Recruiters can fill in companies and candidates on what will happen during the interview process to make sure both parties are happy. They’ll also follow up after the procedure is complete.

If it’s a match, your recruiter can help you during the negotiation phase, using key metrics and industry data to determine a fair deal.  

Agencies can also suggest potential contract additions you might not have thought of.

4. Aftercare & Support

Filling a vacancy doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship with the recruiter. The best IT recruitment agencies will check in regularly to make sure everyone is happy with the ongoing arrangement.

The secret to successful recruitment is strong relationships – and a great recruitment team will work hard to provide the necessary aftercare to either a company or candidate after they have accepted a deal.

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