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The Most In-Demand IT Sector Jobs In 2019

A new year invariably brings out the same behaviours in all of us. We flirt with the idea of doing Dry January. We weigh up membership prices at local gyms. And we make a mental note of the habits we’d like to curb in the coming months – from overeating to overspending.

Problem is, it’s nearly impossible to actually follow through with any of the above when you’re suffering from a bad dose of the “back-to-work blues”. After trudging through that tedious first week, the natural reaction is to ditch the treadmill for a glass of wine and splash the cash on a massive takeaway.

Finding a job that you’re passionate about can play a huge role in your overall happiness. And if you’re an employer, you need to offer the kinds of rewarding positions that benefit your business whilst attracting enthusiastic people.

Don’t do the same thing you do every year and fall back into bad habits in 2019. Address the core issue by changing up your work environment. By reading our guide to the most in-demand IT sector jobs in 2019, you can discover the hottest positions on the market.

By summer, you could be revelling in new surroundings whilst everyone else admits defeat and labels 2020 “the year of change” instead…

Security Analyst

Attack is the best form of defence in modern security. Try as we might to keep the hackers out, they keep coming back with more cunning coding than ever before. And, with cybersecurity breaches rising in 2018 and IoT use also increasing (which can make systems more vulnerable), it should come as no surprise to learn that security roles are once again in huge demand at the turn of a new year.

A Security Analyst is not just tasked with building a fortress, but actually reaching further and preventing breaches before they’re even a blip on the radar. It’s a huge responsibility and is incredibly valuable to any business. There’s no doubt in our minds that information security recruitment is going to be big in 2019.

Requirements of the role:

  • Experience in cybersecurity
  • Knowledge of compliance laws
  • Ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape
  • Ambition and foresight
  • Ability to create, implement, support and upgrade effective security features


Data Scientist

Data Scientists are responsible for accumulating, analysing and processing data patterns. These are then used to extract key insights about a business’ performance and current position within a marketplace.

As the IT sector becomes more saturated, there are numerous competitive advantages to having a Data Scientist in your team – which is a challenging and stimulating role for those with an interest in data analysis.

Data Scientists will also need to find the most effective ways to communicate their findings to others and offer a recommended course of action based on the results.

Requirements of the role:

  • Mathematical skills
  • Knowledge of various programming languages
  • Problem-solving and communication skills
  • University degree

Cloud Engineer

Flexibility and scalability have turned from luxuries into necessities in the tech world.

Businesses that prioritised these two elements used to be something of a rare breed.

But, given the widely documented benefits of remote working for both employer and employee, cloud computing is rapidly becoming a favoured platform for tech businesses.

This is where Cloud Engineers come into play.

These roles involve designing, maintaining and upgrading cloud systems to provide a bespoke platform from which businesses can communicate and trade across the world.

As more companies embrace this infrastructure – and many more certainly will in 2019 – the demand for Cloud Engineers (and cloud recruitment overall) will continue to skyrocket.

Requirements of the role:

  • Knowledge of (and experience reading and using) various programming languages
  • System Engineer experience in a previous role
  • Excellent knowledge of IT cloud systems
  • Ability to configure cloud platforms, software and hardware

DevOps Engineer

DevOps is, according to many, the market to watch throughout the course of 2019.

More companies mean more competition, which is putting added pressure on businesses. They need to deliver a high-quality product at scale in shorter timeframes to meet increasing customer demands.

Given DevOps Engineers’ capability to eliminate errors whilst speeding up the code deployment process, this is a role that we’ll see across multiple job boards over the coming 12 months.

Every tech business wants maximum efficiency, and dabbling in DevOps is one of the most effective ways to boost these productivity levels at a lower cost.

Requirements of the role:

  • Coding skills
  • Scripting skills
  • Automation skills
  • Data management experience
  • DevOps experience
  • Excellent communication


The role of Developer is not a new one by any means, but it’s certainly not going to get any less popular in 2019.

On the contrary – demand for Developers will continue to climb through the roof as the year ticks by, with businesses required to build bigger, better, slicker, more user-friendly systems.

The good news for those in this line of work is that there’ll be roles available for every type of Developer. These will include Software, Mobile, Web and BI Developer jobs.

Requirements of the role:

  • Ability to read, write and use various programming languages
  • Relevant certifications
  • University degree in a related field (e.g. computer science)
  • Ability to analyse and adapt
  • Strong communication skills

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