You know all those articles and videos about tech trends you keep seeing on your social media news feeds? Well, this content is popping up regularly with good reason.

These topics are everywhere because they strongly influence the way in which the corporate world works as they become integrated within it.

In this SWiTCHED:ON blog, we explore the types of tech disrupting businesses in the modern age and why both employers and jobseekers should be aware of them.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We’ve talked a lot about this tech across several SWiTCHED:ON entries. It should hardly come as a surprise; AI is one of the most monumental developments of the 21st century and is taking businesses into an exciting new realm.

Not only is AI helping companies transform communication and streamline costs through the likes of chatbots, its also telling brands more information about their customers.

This is particularly pertinent in the IT recruitment sector, as both employer and candidate want to know as much as possible about the other before the interview stage begins.


It’s good to give your clients and customers a choice when it comes to getting in touch. Some like to call, others prefer email. But B2B communication is different. People want to get things done quickly and correctly – which is why video is still surging as the number one contact method.

Videoconferencing is becoming increasingly popular by the day, and its capabilities are improving at the same pace. The fact that several parties can now join a multi-screen conversation whenever and wherever they wish is hugely beneficial for conducting business.

At ON:iT Recruitment, we even have our very own online videoconferencing system ready and waiting in the form of ON:LiNE. Thanks to this virtual meeting room, employers and candidates can streamline the recruitment process.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Companies are often in favour of ease and efficiency – especially in today’s environment where there’s so much happening, so quickly, and in such a short space of time. IoT devices increase connectivity within the workplace, reducing costs across the board and enhancing production speeds for better results.

The IT sector should take note as the rise of the IoT means an even higher demand for stronger cybersecurity. After all, when multiple devices are interlinked, it may be possible for a hacker to access them all at once.

There’s little doubt that we’re due to see all kinds of new cybersecurity positions filling up the job boards over the next year as business owners look to keep their interconnected organisations safe.

We’re in the know…

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