In our inaugural ON:iT Recruitment thought leadership piece, Lead Consultant – Executive Search Simon Burke talks about why you should always look ahead – including the benefits of future-focused recruitment and the importance of enduring relationships.

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding recruitment is that it’s all about stuffing people into vacant roles as quickly as possible. It’s easy to see why the industry has developed this reputation. Nowadays, recruiters have the tech to source and pass on positions to jobseekers in a matter of minutes, and candidates can apply in equally rapid time.

In reality, though, recruitment isn’t exclusively about the short term. Every career involves a series of stages, and ON:iT are a company that looks at the footprints further ahead, as well as the first step. Finding the perfect position takes time – and it may not be listed where you think, either.

Forward-thinking recruitment is what helps people find and achieve a job they truly love, explains our very own Simon Burke

Forward Thinking IT Recruitment

Everyone has their own “Disney”

When working with people – regardless of whether they’re actively looking for a job or not – I know they all have a dream job; the kind of position they’ve fantasised about. For some it might be working at their favourite football club or running their own restaurant. For me, it’sbeing Head of Recruitment at Disney.

Everyone has a job that links personal and professional passions – their own “Disney”. At ON:iT, we work with people to bring them closer to achieving their dream roles.

With both passive and active candidates, we talk to people about their long-term careers, aspirations and goals. By having frank, open conversations about where they are now and where they eventually want to be, we can help them to understand what steps need to be taken in between.

Sourcing opportunities outside of normal methods

We live in a click-to-apply generation where people can register interest in five separate positions in as little as five minutes, with many companies and candidates entirely dependent on online job boards for recruitment.

But finding the best possible position isn’t necessarily about the next move, nor does it mean applying for dozens of jobs to hedge your bets. It’s about finding better opportunities later down the line, and looking for them in places where you ordinarily wouldn’t.

At ON:iT, we work with a vast network of senior level candidates – some of whom have plans to move on months or even years later – and build strong relationships in a traditional way, touching base regularly to see where they’re at.

This enables us to find terrific roles that don’t get advertised on job sites – the kind that are discussed over a board room table. Our extensive industry knowledge regarding movements and roles puts our candidates first in line for the better opportunities.

By working with people over a long period of time, speaking to them regularly and staying in touch, each candidate call has the potential to be a business development call. Longevity is key. Whether it’s the next step or three steps down the line – we can help.

Forward-thinking with ON:Board

Within our premium ON:Board service, you can attract the perfect people for the positions in your business – with our team working with you to pick from a vast pool of high-qualitycandidates who want to become a part of your business.

We have productive and candid conversions with candidates every single day, which means we’re always able to pinpoint ideal matches within the industry.

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