Recruiters have a poor reputation for trying to shove square pegs into round holes. If you’ve spent any time at all in the corporate world, there’s a good chance you’ve had a recruiter or two pop up on LinkedIn with a copy and pasted message about some vague “great”opportunity. Recruiter pestering is, unfortunately, far too common.

With this in mind, you may consider the title to this blog to be a peculiar one. Why would you need to make yourself irresistible? After all, won’t recruiters work with anyone and everyone?

Well, some might, but not the top tech recruitment agencies. The likes of ON:iT Recruitmentseek out the cream of the crop to maintain our excellent reputation – and if you can display the right characteristics, we can take your career to dizzy new heights at a fantastic company. Here’s how to turn heads…

Get qualified

Highly trained IT workers are in short supply. Tech has raced ahead without so much as a second thought, and there aren’t currently enough people who are qualified to take toppositions (especially roles in evolving markets like DevOps and cloud or IT transformation jobs).

If you can show a recruitment agency that you have the credentials – or are willing to work on acquiring some – they’ll be in a much better position to help you find the tech job of your dreams.

Display your passion

There’s a big difference between liking and loving something. It’s easy to settle into a job that you can tolerate, do the 9-5, and plod along until Friday rolls around. But the truly great companies want people who absolutely love the industry they’re in. They want fire and passion.

The best recruitment agencies collaborate with candidates who are visibly energised and excited by the ever-growing, ever-developing world of technology. If you’re a genuine tech devotee, and you can demonstrate this enthusiasm, you’ll shoot straight up to the top of the list.

Prove you’re coachable

As tech continues to evolve, people need to develop with it. A willingness to listen and learn might sound like a cliché trait, but in reality, once many employees are well settled into a cosy position, they tend to stop looking to pick up new skills – they teach those who come through the door behind them instead.

IT companies need leaders, but they also crave people who want – and are willing – to be coached and taught. You won’t endear yourself to a recruiter by telling them you don’t know enough, but you will set yourself apart from the crowd if you explain that you want your education to continue.

Tech is only going to get more complex and specialist as we move forwards. You need to prove you’re willing to accept feedback and change with the times.

Get noticed by ON:iT

We pride ourselves on working with the best tech candidates here at ON:iT – putting high-quality people in touch with equally talented tech firms. Our team can put you in a role you’re not just good at, but one you’ll look forward to getting up for every morning.

If you can exhibit the above, or have the drive, hunger and ambition to develop these types of qualities, we believe we can guide your career in IT. So be sure to get in touch today on 0161 416 6000 or send us a message via our online contact form. We want to hear from you.