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Top 5 Major HR Resource Innovations for 2019

Human resources are always deeply involved in every hire. They play an instrumental role in the onboarding process when an organisation welcomes a fresh face into the office.

Given the people-focused nature of HR, many brands are hesitant to implement tech in this capacity. After all, isn’t HR supposed to be the “human” side of the business?

In reality, HR tech actually has the ability to significantly improve human interaction in a company – and there are several major resource innovations that you should consider during the course of 2019. Here are a few examples…

  1. Artificial intelligence

As artificial intelligence (AI) has come to the fore in recent years, businesses are beginning to recognise some of the huge benefits – especially when it comes to recruitment. With AI in place, businesses can extract the kind of data that identifies important patterns required to make big decisions. Ultimately, it saves time, money and energy – speeding up recruitment whilst enhancing quality.

  1. Blind hiring technology

Statistics have revealed that many businesses, despite attempts to be more diverse, find themselves leaning towards familiar hires a lot of the time. Blind hiring technology, however, strips away subconscious prejudice and changes recruitment patterns. By hiding key information about candidates (such as name, age, gender and ethnicity), companies can focus solely on an applicant’s skills and assemble a multifaceted workforce.

  1. Personalised learning

Learning on the job is great for staff, but too many HR departments are still rolling out the same kind of tired training programmes. In 2019, it’s worth taking advantage of HR tech that tailors courses to individual members of staff – offering a personalised learning experience that everyone can engage with enthusiastically.

  1. Development through data

Some of the latest HR tech can track staff performance data from the moment they arrive for their very first interview. This, in turn, can be used for future development. For some employees, actually seeing themselves on paper can be massively revealing. With real-time, accessible data in front of them, they’re permanently aware of their progress and what they need to do in order to improve.

  1. 360-degree feedback

One-to-one sessions have their benefits, but a lot of businesses are seeing improvements across staff performance and morale thanks to more extensive 360-degree feedback. This includes gathering responses from several sources, including peers, colleagues, seniors and the employee themselves. The result is a much clearer picture of someone’s strengths and weaknesses… but a laborious data-gathering process. HR tech can make this easier and ensure 360-degree feedback is possible.

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