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Top Salaries By IT Sector

Throughout 2018, IT boasted some of the biggest salaries in the country. Advertised pay averaged at £44,000 a year and, according to several job boards, these numbers have increased – with UK IT pay rising to £52,500.

Not bad that, is it? Especially when you consider that the average British salary sits around the £27,000 mark.

What this shows is that you can expect to earn almost double in the tech sector than you can in many other industries. IT is growing and growing – and the great news is that there’s still loads of space on the bandwagon. The sector’s expansion is creating a diverse range of job opportunities, and many of these niche roles are being advertised with handsome salaries attached.

Of course, that’s not to say you’ll walk right into a tech role and earn a whopping amount from the start. Like with any other industry, you need to put in your time, develop your skills, and work your way up. But there’s no doubt that tech offers you the chance to earn a tidy sum and enjoy a fun career whilst you’re at it.

In this ON:iT guide, we dig deep down into the tech sector and pinpoint the positions where the real gold lies.

DevOps & Cloud Engineer

Average salary: £31,000

DevOps & Cloud is still a relatively new market, and the wages within this sector have continued to rise and fall as businesses slowly embrace the services.

Things are smoothing out somewhat now. As things stand, cloud jobs are offering graduate wages of £18,000 or so, with pay rates rising past £31,000 for DevOps & Cloud Engineers.

Years of experience in cloud recruitment has taught us that wage figures can vary wildly depending on the business and the kind of infrastructure they have in place, but it’s worth noting that there will be some serious growth in this sub-sector in 2019. If you’ve got the right skill set, it’s worth getting involved whilst you can.

Security Manager

Average salary: £54,000

There is no end in sight to the cybersecurity boom. Digital defence breaches are still on the up, with many experts tipping these already-concerning numbers to increase in 2019.

Unsurprisingly, many companies are really starting to ramp up their security personnel and advertise more IT and information security jobs. Good business leaders know that, without a strong bubble around the network, you simply can’t survive.

In terms of wages, Security Managers can expect to earn around £54,000 as they’re placed in charge of overseeing and defending the entire company network. Those designing these security systems are on a similar wage.

Other network security jobs – including Security Engineers and Security System Administrators – tend to pay around £35,000.

Data Architect

 Average salary: £58,000

You need to be pretty damn smart to be a Data Architect, so it’s little wonder these guys scoop just shy of £60k on an annual basis.

If you’ve got a knack for design and development – together with experience in translating and decoding data to carve out new patterns – data architecture may be just up your street.

Bear in mind that the good money doesn’t come easy. Being a Data Architect is a challenging and complex role with high levels of responsibility, and you’ll need to keep learning to keep performing. A university degree and any extracurricular data qualifications won’t hurt either.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Average salary: £30,000

Business Intelligence Analysts are tasked with taking data and determining what it really means. The company then makes a decision based on the Business Intelligence Analyst’s recommendation – so it’s a pretty big role where you can really see your contributions coming to fruition.

You’re looking at roughly £30k for business intelligence jobs these days, and there’ll be more of these springing up across job boards over the next year or so. An increasing number of organisations are generating and acquiring big data – and they need some experts to tell them what it all means.

If you’ve got a good track record of deciphering data, you’ll be in a strong position to beat candidate competition (and ask for bigger paycheques too).

Network Engineer  

Average salary: £35,000

Network Engineers collaborate with Network Security, Architects, Designers and various other personnel who contribute to network maintenance.

Responsible for the smooth running of a business system, Network Engineers are often treated to a nice take-home bundle for their efforts – with the higher-ups earning around £35,000.

Salaries may be slightly lower if there is a large number of staff working on a single network, with an SME’s budget only able to stretch so far. Bigger corporations are usually willing to pump a bit more money into network maintenance, whilst startups may also offer good wages for a small team to handle the system.

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