Are you currently in the process of recruiting? When you’re handling hiring in-house, finding the time to create job ads and search for the ideal candidate can feel impossible – especially when it’s something niche like Cloud or DevOps recruitment.

The good news is that recruitment agencies can offer a much-needed helping hand. But, just how can you get the most out of your relationship with these hiring specialists?

In this guide, we explore how you can build the relationship, ensuring that you’re corresponding with them in all the correct ways. After all, you need to help them to help you.



Recruitment is notorious for time-wasters. Begin by showing that you’re serious about bringing the best people into your business.

Prove to your agency that you want the top talent. Take time to tell them about the strengths of your business.

Why is it a great place to work? What reason would candidates have for choosing you? What benefits and rewards can people expect when they perform well?

If you show your recruiter you’re committed to this cause, they’ll know exactly what to do in order to help. If you’re half-hearted in your efforts,  it’ll make things unnecessarily difficult for the agency. They won’t have a true understanding of what they need to do to provide a service that benefits your business.

Throw yourself into recruitment and embrace this new chapter for your company.



Situations are always changing in the corporate world. The important thing is making sure the right people are kept in the loop along the way.

Whether it’s a big move to new office premises or an agreed strategy switch, you should always inform your recruitment agency when things change. That way, they’ll permanently be best-placed to support you.

Effective communication cements a strong relationship and guarantees great results for everyone. Pick up the phone, fire across the odd email, and try to arrange a catch-up coffee when you can.



We’ve already talked about recruitment being a people-focused, communication-heavy industry. If you want longstanding, quality service from your agency, try to contribute wherever possible in small, but valuable ways.

Your recruiter will be able to take your tastes and preferences into account moving forwards to adjust the technique and style of your recruitment drive.

The more contributions you make, the more your hiring strategy matches your brand image (improving candidate quality in the process).



Honesty is at the core of every good relationship. The connection you have with your recruitment agency is no exception.

Be candid with recruiters and you’ll see better results – it’s as simple as that. Remember, that any information you give them such as recruitment needs and budget numbers will be taken as gospel – so you need to make sure these are accurate.

Don’t be afraid to disagree, either. If your recruiter recommends a particular person for your business, and your gut feeling tells you it isn’t the right move – voice your concerns as soon as possible.

This can lead to a productive discussion that enables your agency to tweak the recruitment process to attract the type of talent you actually want.



There’s a massive difference between telling your agency what to do, and working with them.

Instead of issuing demands that are set in stone, set up brainstorming sessions with your recruiter to go over a wide range of potential solutions. The best recruitment agencies will be able to generate ideas that you hadn’t even thought of.

Also, if you’re working with any other agencies, be sure to introduce everyone. This prevents any stepping on toes and keeps every arm of your business operating in sync.  



What do you expect from your recruitment agency? What sort of support do you require? How often are you expecting to use their services?

These are all questions you need to consider to enjoy a fruitful relationship with your recruiter. Classifying requests can help you to guarantee the best use of your agency’s time and fees. If you’re passing them menial tasks that you could have just as easily completed in-house, your money is better spent elsewhere.

Don’t ever be afraid to present a challenge to a recruiter. The best in the business have a huge contact book and years of experience to resolve any complex industry-specific issues you might have trouble fixing yourself.


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