Companies hate looking through CVs. That’s the bottom line. If your application doesn’t stand out, it’ll be thrown into the waste paper basket without a second thought.

If you’re not 100% sure about your resume, use the seasonal vibe of spring cleaning as an opportunity to sit down and sort it out. In this blog, we’ve got some tips to help you out along the way…

Get into the habit of plugging the gaps

If someone told you they updated their CV once a year, you might be impressed at their punctuality. Very few of us revisit our resumes until we absolutely need to (i.e. when we decide to look for something new).

But this is bad practice, and even that guy who’s boasting about tweaking his CV annually is way off the mark. In reality, you should be tidying this document once a month.

While this might sound like lots of effort, it’s actually easy. Aside from that first update where you’ll have a lot to add, the process can be very simple – and enormously beneficial for several reasons.

First, it means your CV stays permanently up to date with your latest skills, experiences, and ideologies, and second – you’ll never need to do another massive revamp ever again.

It’s a five-minute job once a month alongside your shopping list – and it’s the best habit you could ever start this spring.

Finesse the format

Formatting your CV in the right way is important. Whilst there’s no completely fool-proof method, there are a number of areas worth considering when re-designing it:

  • Keep the length to one page
  • Don’t be sentimental; be ruthless and remove old or unnecessary accolades
  • Put emphasis on results and achievements; not just roles and responsibilities
  • Show growth and development
  • Keep it flexible so you can quickly customise and highlight the relevant attributes for each position
  • Keep things tight, taut and intriguing; long essays about each role are pointless, and just a few lines are necessary to pique curiosity.

And remember, with CVs, neat and tidy is always the way to go. Crazy fonts are distracting, not engaging.

Plan for valuable additions

It shouldn’t come as a shock to hear that employers admire people with ambition and drive. What’s more surprising however is that many people struggle to highlight their passion in their CV.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way around this: extracurricular activities. And no, we’re not talking about playing rugby in your spare time or going out with friends. We mean additions that will actually add value.

Some examples include:

  • Charity work, e.g. marathons
  • Volunteer work
  • Earning qualifications outside of work
  • Learning languages
  • Introducing yourself to industry experts
  • Memberships to great organisations, e.g. school governor, town/village support centres, etc.

Start participating in some of the above to enhance your CV.  

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