IT recruitment is changing every single day – and digital innovations are the driving factor. As tech gets smarter, organisations have more options when it comes to sourcing candidates, as well as a wider reach and more ways to contact them.

But what are the main trends shaping IT recruitment in 2018? The Switched:ON blog investigates…

Artificial Intelligence

Companies are increasingly trusting Artificial Intelligence (AI)  to guide them in their decision-making. While many fear it will make some roles redundant, it’s actually having a positive effect in IT recruitment.

There are all kinds of AI software out on the market right now, and skilled individuals to harness this technology are in demand amongst organisations of all sizes. From engineers to analysts, to business transformation leaders, AI is driving IT job creation.

Big Data 

The term ‘big data’ has been bandied around for some time now, but we’re beginning to see growing demand for people who understand and can utilise this information. Candidates with skills in Power BI and Python in particular are incredibly sought after at the moment, and not just in London – cities across the UK are creating new roles in big data every day.

Virtual Recruitment

Technology isn’t just shaping the roles we recruit for… it’s making the recruitment process itself easier too. One of the biggest hurdles for any employer is finding the time to meet and greet a candidate. Setting up the interview and arranging a window that works for both parties can take a considerable amount of effort and time, which is considered “wasteful” if the company and candidate are clearly not a good fit.

Video conferencing is changing recruitment for the better, as virtual meeting rooms enable businesses to remove stages from the interview process. We’ve harnessed this technology at ON:iT – our cutting-edge platform, ON:LiNE, offers a means to host and record online interviews. It’s recruitment for the digital age.


The most diverse workforces breed the most innovation. Not only does this allow for a wide skill set in-house (including familiarity with more types of tech), it also enables businesses to enhance their culture and successfully represent the needs and wants of more customers (and demographics).

Throughout 2018 and beyond, a desire for diversity will play a considerable role in how companies add people to their workforce. Multiplicity makes an organisation truly interesting. And interesting companies attract ambitious candidates who are keen to be part of a team doing something different.

ON:iT Recruitment – Bringing the best businesses and candidates together  

The dizzying evolution of tech in 2018 has catapulted IT recruitment into an exciting new era, with a terrific range of resources to take advantage of in the hunt for the perfect employee and employer.

We’re very much ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest innovations at ON:iT, and whilst we readily embrace inventions that help our clients and candidates, we also strive to keep recruitment simple – focusing on people, not complex processes.

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