Companies want to train candidates on the job, and candidates are looking for places where they can learn. The tech world is as ambitious as ever. 

Candidates always want to know what they can do to stand out amongst the crowd when they’re applying for a new role. It’s true that companies look for passion in applicants as well as a good set of skills, but the big thing these days is a willingness to learn.

Tech is an ever-evolving industry, which means people need to be constantly learning. In my role as Executive Director for ON:iT Recruitment, I’ve seen first-hand that the companies that attract the best talent are the ones who offer training – and the best talent are the people who want to develop on the job.

There are all kinds of exciting things happening in the industry, which is why training and development is more important than ever. In the following article, I take a closer look at why tech education is such a popular priority for businesses across the UK.

Addressing the tech talent shortage

We’ve all seen technology take over our everyday lives during the past five to ten years, and we’re relying on digital tools now a lot more than we used to. The average home is filled with smart technology, with remote control and voice command systems in place for fridges, televisions and heating.

The evolution of cloud technology also means that information is now accessible from anywhere in the world, whilst the likes of adaptive cruise control, online banking, and hospitality services (such as Uber, Deliveroo and Airbnb) are all part of our daily lives. In this time, I’ve noticed how candidate supply has failed to catch up with the demand – which has led to a shortage of trained talent.  

There’s a cap on skilled workers coming to the UK from outside the EU right now, but a recent government report pre-Brexit is now asking for this limit to be scrapped. In my opinion, this can only be a good thing. It would open a bigger talent pool for Britain, generating a lot more interest from offshore.

The prospect of outside talent coming to the UK is an exciting one, but it’s still early days and it’s tough to predict whether it will actually happen. Our tech knowledge in the UK needs to improve as a whole, and I think businesses are finally beginning to recognise this. Every day, I’m seeing on-site training and development become more and more popular. Increasing numbers of people are re-training in technology areas, and we’re also starting to see more young people choosing tech careers.

Ambition is growing

Another reason for the attractiveness of training is that people in the tech industry aren’t content to sit still. This is a changing market, and those who work within it are ambitious and want to change too.

Back in the day, the typical development worker was interested in bug fixing and software development. Nowadays, a lot of people want to get involved in new ideas that have the potential to make changes within tech (and the world in general).

After some of the conversations I’ve had with people in the industry, it’s clear that having the opportunity to move into innovative new areas and future-proof markets is very appealing.

Matching ambitious companies and candidates requires careful recruitment

To work out whether clients and candidates are right for one another, matching ambition and an enthusiasm to grow is a good starting point. However, it’s important to take the right steps in recruitment to guarantee they’re a comfortable fit.

At ON:iT, for example, myself and the delivery team discuss three to five new opportunities with candidates. We don’t give them “backup” options – all the roles fit their criteria and preferences. For me, it’s about discovering that perfect match, and it’s important to explore all avenues to find it. The candidates need to get a true feel for the company and vice versa.

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