The digital world has grown so fast, so quickly, that companies are actually struggling to fill tech roles. The unprecedented demand for digital skills has left us with a shortfall of suitable candidates, and as competition for talented people increases, it’s becoming more and more difficult to hire someone with the right skillset.

That’s why there’s so much value in investing in graduate development. By taking ambitious people under your wing and leading tech training sessions yourself, you can move your business to the forefront of the digital revolution in more ways than one.

Let us explain…

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It keeps costs down

Building a development programme for graduates always requires some financial investment up front, and a number of continued costs as you build up a knowledge base within your own firm.

But in the long-term, the amount you spend will be nothing compared to the amount you save. Training grads yourself means you spend considerably less on wages, with graduate salaries far lower than those demanded by experienced pros.

You can also map out your expenses more accurately. Grads steadily make their way up the company ladder knowing they’ll receive a pay rise at the next stage. New staff, on the other hand, leap onto the third or fourth rung right away, potentially issuing unpredictable wage demands.

It reduces staff turnover

There is so much choice out there on the job market today – and many businesses trying new things to attract young professionals in particularthat staff can have their heads turned quickly.

You need to give your team incentives to stay. Praise and motivation are good, but it won’t keep team members sticking around if they’re offered a cushy position elsewhere.

With a graduate development programme, you nurture talent yourself and build up a team that work for one another as well as themselves. They learn together, they grow together, and they move up together.

Provided you make efforts to create a healthy working environment, staff will have no reason or motive to leave for pastures new. Their job will become meaningful, as they see themselves progressing and playing an important role in improving the business.

It generates natural interest

Money talks when it comes to the job market. We all know that. But whilst offering higher wages can tempt candidates when you’re competing with others, growing your businessorganically won’t come as a result of flashing the cash.

Generating natural interest in your company is all about creating a place that puts staff first. When your team is happy, others will hear about it. Before long, people will be asking your staff why they enjoy their job so much, and if there are any jobs going…

By investing in graduates, you can enhance your business’ reputation to the point where candidates are coming to you, and not the other way around.

Let us help you find great graduates

Take your business in an exciting new direction by investing in the future and choosing alumnae over old-timers.

We can show you what’s required when bringing aboard the top graduate talent for tech positions, so get in touch with the ON:iT team today on 0161 416 6000 or drop us a line using our online contact form.