You can’t hire every candidate – and nor should you. But it’s worth taking time to handle failed applications with respect when you’re recruiting for a role.

Unapologetically slamming the door shut in the faces of those who don’t make the cut is unprofessional and sloppy. And don’t think it won’t come back to bite you, either. Word gets around, and if great applicants hear that you’ve treated someone poorly during the recruitment phase, they’ll be inclined to apply somewhere else.

Ensuring an excellent candidate recruitment experience is vital to the reputation of your business – and it’ll help to streamline the hiring process so you save huge amounts of time and money on top. Here are a few ways to raise your game when you launch those job ads.

Be responsive

Applying for a new job can feel like a painful process because half the companies don’t reply. Be the exception – take time to respond to any unsuccessful applicants and explain to them why they don’t make the cut.

Not only will this help them craft their applications more effectively moving forwards, it will also spread the word about your business’ responsive, helpful nature, even in rejection.

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Don’t skimp on aftercare

If a candidate falls short at the final hurdle, go one further than wishing them goodbye and good luck. Tell them what swayed the decision and mention any potential upcomingopportunities that might be right for them.

It’s also worth inviting them back again in a few months’ time, especially if you recruit on a regular basis. If this failed applicant was pipped to the post by a top candidate this time around, the last thing you should do is write them off completely. They’re clearly talented, so encourage them to return next time you take on.

Give them all the tools they need to prepare properly

When crafting a job ad, be sure it includes plenty of information about your organisation, the tasks included in the role, and a list of criteria the candidate should meet to boost theirchances of a successful application. The more a candidate knows about your company and the role they’re applying to fill, the better equipped they’ll be to prepare.

This results in a higher quality of interview, a better calibre of candidates (clear job ads will suitably narrow down the applicant numbers), and less wasted time as you aren’t forced to muddle through a series of unsuitable people. Our ON:LiNE platform is also ideal for asking first-stage questions before the live interview, to further cut down on wasted time and travel for the candidate.

Turn to ON:iT Recruitment

ON:iT help businesses perfect the candidate experience from start to finish, ensuring a fulfilling application phase that attracts better people, and yields greater results at a lower cost in significantly less time.

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