A fantastic range of job roles have sprouted in the tech field over the past few years. We see new titles popping up almost every month. 

Some of these roles are niche (perhaps exclusive to that particular company), and others are temporary, but certain roles gain so much traction and demand that they end up on job boards everywhere.  

In this Switched:ON blog, we take a closer look at the most popular and sought-after roles in the tech industry – the jobs that everyone wants to hire and apply for. 

Business Intelligence Analyst

Businesses are producing more data than ever before, much of it on autopilot. Most companies are digitally focused nowadays, and are realising the value of having somebody on board who can decipher what their data production means. 

This is the role of a Business Intelligence Analyst, whose findings will ultimately play a key role in decision-making processes later down the line. 

Any Business Intelligence Analyst worth their salt will have database experience, own strong written and verbal skills, and be excellent communicators (as they will be collaborating with others to source, extract and explain data). 

Data Security Administrator 

The passing of the GDPR deadline has done nothing to stop the discussions surrounding data control in Europe. People are still asking questions, but the one thing you need to make absolutely certain of is this: your data must be safe. Failure to look after client data can see you hit with a massive financial penalty. We’re talking thousands. 

The solution? Hire a Data Security Administrator. 

Unsurprisingly, the demand for these safeguarding pros has skyrocketed since the new GDPR regulations came into force. When you’re looking to take on a data gatekeeper of your own, you should ensure they are proactive, knowledgeable about GDPR, have experience in a security role, and possess all the necessary programming skills to successfully keep your business’ data safe. 

Software Developer 

Yep. Software Developers are still amongst the most sought-after IT professionals in the country. This isn’t likely to change in the near future either. As long as new programmes need creating, Software Developers will be in demand. 

These coding experts have been essential in taking the tech world to where it is today, and they will continue to remain a key part of the industry moving forwards. 

A business may need multiple Software Developers depending on the size of the organisation. In any instance, these roles should be reserved for those with extensive coding knowledge, patience, a knack for problem-solving, and the ability to offer fresh, innovative ideas. 

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