What should you be saying about your business to bring in the best of the best? Any company can claim to offer a “terrific opportunity” for candidates, and the bigger corporations can even sweeten the deal by promising a whopping benefits package.

But strong assurances and superior salaries aren’t the only things people look for in a new role. Today’s jobseekers are increasingly searching for occupations they’re passionate about – jobs that are as important to them as their personal lives outside work.

So, what do you need to be doing to attract top talent these days? Let us explain…

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Provide training opportunities

It’s notoriously difficult to identify the best candidates when dozens of applications flood your inbox at once. However, by creating training programmes and proudly listing these on your job ads, you’ll find the application statistics shift; seeing quality over quantity.

Great candidates love to learn. If you can promise these knowledge-hungry jobseekers a chance to enhance their skillset whilst on the job, you’ll put yourself in pole position to shrug off competition for their signature.

Demonstrate diversity

Many candidates will love the idea of joining a diverse workforce. A mixed bag of different people and personalities promises access to a huge range of ideas – as well as a stimulating office atmosphere.

If you can demonstrate diversity in your business – or prove that you’re working towards it – you’ll attract candidates with mind-sets that match your company’s visible ambition and progressive attitude.

Contribute to your community

Your business’ work shouldn’t be restricted to the four walls of your building. You need to involve your company in the surrounding region. Playing an active role in the community spreads word of your brand name – it demonstrates an awareness of contemporary social issues, as well as your willingness to support causes you care about.

Take ON:iT Recruitment, for example. We donate to a variety of local charities, including The Christie, We Love MCR and Francis House Children’s Hospital, whilst supporting organisations in Greater Manchester through sponsorship deals, including Manchester Storm hockey club and Stockport County football club.

Proudly show off your future prospects

Where does your company see itself in the next five years? That’s what go-getting candidates want to know. Determined, hard-working people rarely want to bounce from job to job – they want a position where they can settle, learn, and move up the ladder.

If you can show your company is set to grow and establish itself in the future, you’ll interest the kind of candidates looking for long-term roles; people who want to play a big part in taking your business to the next level.

Catching the eye of candidates

ON:iT Recruitment specialise in helping businesses build their profile and tap into what candidates actually want to see when they go sniffing around for something new.

With our help, you can catch the eye of the best people in the business – and in doing so take yours in an exciting new direction.

Talk to our team today on 0161 416 6000 to learn more about what ON:iT can do for you.