It can be tricky to buy gifts for a techie. They inevitably know more about the market than you and to make matters worse there are thousands of knock-offs infesting the stores.

Luckily for you, 2018 has been awash with new technology, making it easy to find presents for your gadget geek this Christmas. What’s more, we’ve done the hard work for you!

In this SWiTCHED:ON guide we highlight what the digital natives are craving and why you should include them on your shopping list...


Google Pixel 3 – For the Heretic

Google isn’t the only big name to try and topple the two-horse race between Samsung and Apple, but it is the most successful. Boasting a superior camera and a display to die for, Pixel 3 feels like the phone of the future.

There are some cons: the battery life could be better and there isn’t a headphone jack. However, if you want to surprise your dear nonconformist with a non-Apple product, the Pixel 3 is the true blackhorse in the smartphone race.


Apple Watch Series 4 – For the Fanatic

Apple is often criticised for unnecessarily updating their products and making older models redundant. In the case of smart watches though, Apple is still miles ahead of the pack, with the Series 4 being their best model yet.

A design change has enlarged the screen; the speaker is louder, making it easier to hear callers; and its start and end detection of workouts allows it to compete with the likes of Fitbit. If you are treating someone to a smart watch, there is little competition.


The Barisieur – For the Addict

Ever dreamed of waking up to the smell of freshly brewed tea or coffee? Joshua Renouf has. Barisieur’s creator has built something that needs to be seen to be believed. This alarm clock/coffee maker wakes the user through boiling water with induction heating.

Within the walnut frame, a container keeps milk cool, whilst a drawer stores coffee and sugar.But don’t leave us to explain it the Barisieur is a product that deserves further investigation.


Red Dead Redemption 2 – For the Cowboy

If you haven’t already played Red Dead Redemption 2 then you are very much in the minority. However, games aren’t as cheap as they used to be, and there is a chance that your loved one is waiting for their partner to gift them.

We promise that Rockstar’s latest addition to their world-building exercises doesn’t disappoint. This western epic has already received record universal praise, and is bound to keep gamers entertained for the holidays – and beyond.


Native Union NIGHT Cable – For the Reckless

It’s no wonder Apple was the first company to make a trillion, bearing in mind the amount of replacement wires we’ve had to purchase… So this stocking-filler is sure to impress tech fans: a charging wire with a lifetime warranty!

Native Union’s charger is 10ft long and compatible with most Apple devices, keeping your gadgets protected throughout the night.


Latest iPad Pro – For the Artist

Now on to the iPad. A new Apple Pencil and Liquid Retina display have allowed the device to exceed the expectations of a tablet for design purposes. Typical of a new release, it has changed our pre-conceptions of what a tablet should offer.

With a new Face ID function and a change that allows the application of external monitors, the iPad Pro 12.9 is a must-have for any pro user.


Stop Looking At Your Phone book – For everyone else

There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by slack-jaw family members, all zombies to their phone, during the holidays. Insightful author Son of Alan provides a fascinating manual for divorcing your device and an antidote to the above suggestions.

If you don’t want to support the habit of tech-junkies this season, pick up a copy of ‘Stop Looking at Your Phone’ and spread the message of screen slavery! It’s a quirky stocking filler if nothing else…


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