Recruiters can offer so much more to a company than just talent acquisition. Sector-specific ones live and breathe your industry. IT recruitment agencies work on tech roles day in, day out, putting them in a unique position to advise on challenges and market trends, and which hires will benefit your processes most. 

They understand even niche IT jobs and how they operate, and handle several stages of the recruitment process that your HR team would otherwise deal with – allowing the department to focus on its core responsibilities. 

Still not convinced about the value IT recruitment agencies can offer? Let us elaborate…

They can find better quality people

More often than not, when you ‘cast the net’ out for new employees, you’re going to get a few duds. But not all of them are apparent from the CV alone, and your HR department will need to devote resources to separating the good from the bad. This is either achieved through phone calls or during a pre-employee screening – both of which take up valuable working time.

But that isn’t an issue for those of us in the know. A good agency can tell a fantastic candidate from a subpar one and are able to recognise those traits in the initial stages. An IT recruitment specialist is more familiar with industry expectations than the average HR practitioner, and we tend to know who the key players within the technology sector are.

Essentially, we can tell when candidates are confidently blagging through their experience. Any IT recruiter worth their salt would know the value of someone that has come out of employment with a competitor versus a graduate who is new to the industry but possesses a natural talent for interviews.

A recruitment agency can also adapt to your expectations. They can use their contacts and previous clients to determine your ideal employee. Once that persona has been created, they’ll then scope out their roster of applicants to find the right person for you. As your HR department is now only going to handle high-quality employees, they can more effectively balance their workload between current staff issues as well.

They know who is more relevant to your industry

IT recruitment agencies have a wide range of possible candidates to choose from. And the difference between them and those who apply for your job adverts? Those in our selection are all relevant for the position. We make sure that your prospective employees are diverse in both background and experience. 

We also appreciate that, for a growing business, a new member of the team has to ‘fit in’. A premium recruiter should strive to host a wide spectrum of personalities that can be applied to specific businesses and team dynamics.

Throughout the hiring process and interview stages, recruiters are able to monitor the progress of applicants. They will usually follow up once the candidate has been placed, ensuring that they have passed their probation period and that the client is happy. This process keeps them in the loop of other vacancies you may be trying to fill.

Consider as well that HR departments may be unsure whether a new employee is getting up to speed quick enough. They may be sensitive to the idea that the new starter is underperforming, whereas a recruiter will be accustomed to the typical learning period of a new member of staff in a specialised role. As such, they’re a source of technical support assistance for your HR team too.

They can streamline your entire hiring process

Aside from specific industry knowledge, an IT recruitment agency can help with the day-to-day aspects of HR. The more mundane side to the hiring process will be removed, meaning you won’t need to set the task of posting your application form on job sites to an unwilling office manager.

We appreciate that it can be a huge loss to morale when a key member of your team leaves, and we will do everything in our power so that business continuity is unaffected. When using an IT recruitment specialist, you won’t have any gaps in your service. You won’t need to worry about asking the outgoing member of staff to increase their notice period either – we’ll fast-forward through all of the unnecessary admin stages.

Additionally, onboarding all new employees through the same process and procedures can make the world of difference. It’s common for growing businesses to lose some elements of their new starter induction. This leads to certain expectations being miscommunicated, and both the employee and employer are left feeling underwhelmed and dissatisfied.

Your IT recruiter should be innovative and offer unique approaches to communication. With ON:iT Recruitment, you are never required to meet in person until you’re seriously considering a certain candidate. ON:LiNE, our video conferencing facility, allows you to save hours of initial investigation through webcam interviews. ON:BOARD is similarly used by our clients to reduce admin time and complete all background checks with our eligibility testing software.

HR departments are expected to take on the entire onboarding process of employees. At ON:iT, we’re proud to not only support your team by alleviating this pressure, but also save costs and time for the business as a whole. 

If you’d like to hear more about the value we can add to your department, get in touch today on 0161 416 6000 or via our contact form.

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