You might have heard about the launch of our exclusive new premium service ON:Board a package designed with your long-term recruitment needs in mind. But is your business best placed to get the most out of this ON:iT Recruitment service?

In this Switched:ON blog, we highlight the benefits of this package and explain why getting ON:Board might just be the perfect recruitment solution for you.

You want quality, not quantity

Have you ever considered that the perfect person for your vacant position isn’t trawling the job boards every day? Indeed, they might not even be actively looking at all, which means they’ll fly completely below your radar.

If you’re searching for one ideal employee as opposed to a handful of competent recruits, ON:Board is the service that helps you find these stars. Our team maintain a healthy network of quality candidates and regularly have open, honest conversations with these talented individuals to discover where they see their next career move… and the move after that.

With ON:Board, you have access to people who are deemed out of reach by other recruitment agencies. And one of these may just be the perfect fit.  


You want a flexible solution

Signing up for comprehensive recruitment packages means you get to enjoy a staggering range of features. But how many of these are you actually going to use when it comes to filling roles?

If you like to choose the software and tools as and when you need them, ON:Board is your best bet. You’ll get to enjoy a pick-and-mix service that means you only ever pay for what you use.

Each package is built with your exact requirements in mind, so the recruitment process works how you want it to. These features include:

Technical tests
Your own online meeting room via ON:LiNE
Company culture matching
Specially designed job ads
Fully branded microsites

You want to remove the admin headache

Finding the right person for a role is only half the battle. Before bringing them into the fold, you need to perform all the necessary admin checks, as well as contacting references and ensuring the whole process is above board – especially if they’re moving from another company.

The post-handshake process can be long-winded and time-consuming and, quite frankly, there are probably much more pressing matters for you to be getting on with.

With ON:Board, the recruitment admin headache is completely removed. You’ll be free to focus on your business whilst our team perform expert background checks and testing to the highest standards. You needn’t worry about a thing.

Find out more about getting ON:Board

Think ON:Board might be for you?

Be sure to download our ON:Board brochure [LINK TO BROCHURE] to find out more about this premium service.

If you have any questions, speak to a member of our helpful team on 0161 416 6000 or via our online contact form. We can tell you everything you need to know about the service and the benefits it can offer for your business.