The UK tech sector is growing day by day, and there’s never been higher demand for digital experts across such a wide variety of roles. IT recruitment is booming overall but it’s mostly men flying the flag for this industry.

According to a recent report, as little as 17% of UK tech workers are female. This bleak statistic looks even worse when you consider the fact that just 13% of young women want to join the sector anytime soon.

So why are there so few females applying for – and winning – tech roles when the industry has so many opportunities available? Here’s our perspective on the matter, along with some suggestions on how employers and candidates can change things for the better.

Tech isn’t always appealing for females

The IT sector has been a male-dominated industry for as long as it has been around. When most people picture an IT department, they see it being almost exclusively made up of menand that comes with certain preconceptions.

As such, tech jobs aren’t necessarily the most appealing positions to women. The general consensus is that the gender balance is skewed in this industry, and this is preventing strong female candidates from breaking in.

Unless tech companies can demonstrate that they are diverse and inclusive, they risk losing out to employers who put in the effort to make women feel welcome.

Why are there so few females in tech?

Attracting women into tech jobs

Workforce diversity is essential for business welfare, and stats show that an increase in the number of female tech workers could lead to a £2.6 billion boost for the British economy. There’s no doubt about it, we need more women in tech – and now it’s up to companies to alter their surroundings so they can attract female staff with exciting ideas.

Tech businesses must have a clear agenda for equal opportunity and training, as well as awelcoming environment and culture. In doing so, employers can create a workplace that defies the old preconceptions about tech offices.

As more companies go down this route, a higher number of women may choose to pursue tech degrees at university – seeing a clear career ahead of them. In time this will bring more into the workforce.

Equal opportunity and open minds

We appreciate that no two companies or candidates are exactly alike, which is why we tailor our approach and services according to the client here at ON:iT Recruitment. Everyone is different, but we are always careful to partner up with those committed to equal opportunity and open-mindedness.

Tech companies are ten a penny today, and a business with a refreshing attitude always stands out from the pack. There are some brands out there who are hungry to inject diversity into their workforce, and we can point the best people in their direction.

ON:iT are taking active steps to enlighten female candidates to the wonderful opportunities awaiting them in the tech sector, and in doing so are helping the industry to mature, diversifyand progressas well as expand.

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