Is your recruitment process dragging on for what seems like forever? The bad news is that there’s probably more than one reason for that. The good news, however, is that it can be fixed.

There are many bad practices that can hold up the recruitment process – and you can’t start making things more efficient until you’ve successfully identified the cause of the delays.

In this feature for SWiTCHED:ON, we highlight four of the most common speed bumps in recruitment. Remove these, and you might just manage to improve the pace and quality of your hiring procedure.

Let’s take a look at why you haven’t found the right person yet…


1. You’re not data-driven enough

Any recruitment process that drags out over a long period of time is probably carrying too much baggage. But, before you can start weighing things up, you need to delve into the data behind every previous hire.

If you’re not sure about the numbers surrounding recruitment, how are you supposed to pinpoint exactly where things are stalling?

Look at old email chains, phone calls and messages discussing the last person who came on board, and determine the point where the recruitment process started and finished. Next, attempt to split this up into segments (e.g. how long it took to generate interest, when the candidate moved to a new stage, and when they actually got hired). This way, you won’t just know how long it takes for you to fill a role, but also which areas are taking up the most amount of time.

Once you’ve gathered as much data as possible, you can start to compare it with other companies in your sector. If you’re seriously lagging behind the competition, you’ll begin to see where you’re going wrong and what you can do about it.


2. You’re not prepared

Poor recruitment can often be traced back right to the beginning. If you head into every hire without being appropriately prepared, everything is going to take twice as long.

Many businesses treat recruitment structuring as a chore. More often than not, they will muddle through the hiring process and promise themselves that things will be organised a bit better next time around.

This lack of preparation is costing you time and money – so the sooner you set up a structured hiring procedure, the sooner you’ll see increased efficiency throughout it.

Put a small window of time aside to map out your recruitment process on paper. It will be worth every minute.


3. You’re still stuck in the dark ages

Recruitment tools are no longer a luxury – they’re essential to attract the best of the best in any industry.

Posting on a job board just isn’t enough. You need to be modern in the way you recruit, from the moment you advertise a role right through to signing the contract.

If you aren’t taking advantage of all the advanced tools available to you, it’s impossible to keep pace. Competitors will poach the top people and take them away from you before you’ve even realised what you’re missing.

Talk to a recruitment expert about some of the tools that might be best suited to your business and start sampling some ASAP.

It’s a bit like bringing a great candidate aboard; when you find the right fit, you’ll know it.


4. You don’t have the right help

Recruitment can be a minefield without the right help, guidance and support. If you’re still chiselling away at the hiring process alone, it’s going to take a huge amount of time and resource… which could be better spent on improving business processes and attracting income.

There’s a fierce sense of competitiveness within the IT industry right now, with too many companies scratching around small pools of the best people. If your recruitment process is laborious, outdated, or just plain problematic, a strong candidate will lose interest quickly.

To get these people into your office, you need to show instant professionalism. First impressions count for a lot, after all – and candidates form opinions on your business as soon as communication begins. You need to get it right.

With a recruitment agency by your side – a team who know the hiring world inside out and back to front – you’ll have an invaluable head start on your competitors. You’ll find out about the top people first and have the advice you need to pique their curiosity.


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