The image of the classic corporate office is a pretty depressing sight. Everyone slumped in their office chairs dressed head to toe in business attire, punching away at keyboards silently before shuffling into the kitchen at a set time for lunch. Cliché KPIs are scribbled on boards around the room, with the dull ring of phones jangling away in the background. 

Ricky Gervais’ famous comedy series aptly captured the tedium of the typical British office, and bizarrely, there are still many workplaces that mirror this grey, uninspiring environment – especially in recruitment. 

My agency, ON:iT Recruitment, is bucking the trend, bringing recruitment into the digital age where demands are different. Here’s why I think this is so important… 

Corporate recruitment is dead

The corporate system is broken. People aren’t bothered about wearing a suit to work or doing a 9-5 shift Monday to Friday anymore. Just look at the top tech agencies. They’ve got casual dress, cool offices, a relaxed environment… The corporate workplace is old, stuffy and outdated. 

I’ve worked in recruitment for years, including for some big companies, and I’ve seen first-hand how things have changed. Staff these days want to work with people rather than brands – they want to be a part of a company that treats them like individuals rather than just numbers.

Unfortunately, the bigger businesses, as a rule, aren’t people-focused. It’s profit margins that matter most to them. The newer recruitment agencies are moving away from the revenue focus and are more prioritised with keeping staff happy in their roles, giving them everything they need to achieve their goals. 

Tight-knit teams are key

Larger companies can lose their identity a bit as they grow. When you’ve got hundreds of employees, how can you guarantee that every single one of those people will reflect and express your business’ values? It doesn’t work. 

In the old days, companies would just throw volume at things. But you can’t do that now – especially in the tech market. What you need is a close-knit group of people who love what they do and want to work for each other – with access to the best recruitment tools and networks. 

A smaller team who know their stuff and have adequate resources and lots of connections are much better placed to deliver a quality service than a huge group of half-interested employees. At ON:iT, we are committed to being personable, making smart investments, and engaging in networking. This means our team stay happy, keep in touch with everything that’s happening on the tech scene, and make all the right connections within the community. 

Maintaining excellent relationships is key to cementing a strong hiring system – and you need to create the right work environment to make this happen. 

ON:iT are tuned in to the modern demands of recruiters, tech companies and the people who drive them forward. Speak to me or a member of my team today by calling 0161 416 6000 or leaving a message via our online contact form.