ON:iT Recruitment guide top candidates towards the best working environments, and vice versa. It’s what we do. Recruitment solutions are our bag, but what is it that makes us the experts? Why should anyone trust us to deliver the greatest results when it comes to pairing up companies and candidates?

Well, for starters, we’ve got one of the most experienced, talented, passionate and diverse teams in Manchester. But we’ve also built an office environment that people love to be a part of. Just like our clients, we permanently keep our ear to the ground for any gifted, committed people with the skills and attitude to enhance our organisation.

If you’re looking for a new role in recruitment, ON:iT just might be the place for you. Here’s why…


The formerly ironclad 9-5 work shift is coming under increasing scrutiny. The idea of a typical working day is changing, with flexibility now ranked among the most sought-after benefits of any business role. At ON:iT, flexible working is part of the company manifesto – which is perfect for staff with other commitments that clash with the archaic 9-5.

Take our delivery consultant Dallas Ehrhardt, for example. He lives outside of the city and plays ice hockey professionally for Manchester Storm, but flexible working lets him put in the hours for ON:iT without skipping training sessions.


Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a well-known model in business circles, with many team leaders following its core principles in their attempts to keep a happy shop.

Maslow also pioneered another theory, the law of the instrument, stating: “If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” In other words, different problems require different solutions.

At ON:iT, we invest in a wide array of tech so that staff have exactly what they need for specific tasks – making their lives easier and enabling them to focus on more pressing issues rather than admin.

Our co-founder Rich Young has explored this in his thought leadership article ‘Build A Team You Can Go For A Beer With, emphasising the importance of using tools to generate better results.

Support and training

We seek to get behind our staff at every opportunity – knowing full well that strong support is necessary to maintain high satisfaction and improve performance.

When the ON:iT team know they have a safety net and a trustworthy manager to consult whenever they have an issue, they’ll remain fully committed to the cause and do the company proud.

We understand that opportunities to learn and progress are also very appealing to modern workers – and this is something our Executive Director Aled Johnson discusses in his LinkedIn article: ‘Training And Development Is The Most Popular Thing In Tech Right Now.

High levels of morale

A lot of people out there refuse to even consider the possibility that work could be fun. But at ON:iT, we do everything we can to shatter that long-held illusion of the dull, grey, boring workspace.

Our office in No. 1 Spinningfields is a very different picture: music playing, staff laughing, and two beloved bulldogs lumbering around with chew toys stuffed in their mouths. The atmosphere is buzzing – and that’s exactly how a recruitment agency should be.

ON:iT co-founder Chris Bailey talks about maintaining strong relationships in a positive work environment in his piece: ‘Why The Corporate Hiring System Is Broken’.

Join our team…

We’re continuously seeking to grow and thrive as Manchester’s leading recruitment company, branching out to help people find roles in open source recruitment as well as quality assurance jobs. We’re also well-connected and equipped to help companies fill security analyst positions, along with a range of additional IT roles.

If your values match ours and you believe you’d be a good fit for the ON:iT team, get in touch today on 0161 416 6000 or send a message using our online contact form and we can set up a time to chat over coffee. We’re always happy to discuss the prospect of adding new faces to our team.