What better time to begin launching your recruitment drive than the start of a brand-new year?

There will be hundreds of people out there right now who’ve already decided they want a new career in 2019. Casting a wide net in January will inevitably see dozens of candidates flooding in through your door.

But quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality. By holding off, sitting down and setting aside a day to create your very own hiring plan, you can reduce recruitment times by hours, save hundreds on costs, and integrate a filter that only the best prospective team members can squeeze through.

You don’t want to be settling for any old techie who’s just looking for a fresh start after getting tired of their surroundings. You want passionate people who are perfect for your business. Creating a recruitment strategy at the turn of the year is the most effective way to attract suitable candidates – and in this guide we show you what you should consider when putting this plan together.

Decide on a strategy

It’s so easy to post a job advert and watch the cover letters pile up in your company inbox. Tech pros all over the country will be trawling the job sites as soon as they’ve recovered from their New Year hangovers, having decided that this is the ideal time to take their career in a fresh direction. If you put an ad out in January, you’re guaranteed to get a good number of responses.

But that in itself isn’t enough. High volume looks great at first glance, but it can quickly become tiresome picking through all the below-par applications. That’s why targeted job ads should always be a key part of your recruitment strategy. Before announcing your vacancy, it’s worth asking yourself three key questions:

• What is our recruitment budget?
• What skills do we need?
• What markets are we involved in?

Map out how much you have available to spend on recruitment before you begin and stick to this figure to prevent complications later down the line. There are all kinds of ways to slash recruitment costs, and we’ll explore those in a bit more detail later.

Next, separate the skill sets you need from the skill sets you want. The former should take priority. You can focus on the latter when you have a clearer idea of how much funding you have left over from the initial hires.

Lastly, consider your key audiences, which experts you need for the markets in which you’re currently involved, and whether your business is likely to explore new territory over the course of 2019. Lots of exciting markets (like DevOps and Cloud, for example) are emerging in the tech sector, and it’s worth determining whether your company is in a position to bring on board specialists in these areas so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Take your recruitment to the next level

The beginning of the new year is the optimal time to ramp up your recruitment and start taking advantage of all the tools available to you.

You’re probably already utilising social channels and spreading your brand name far and wide across the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But having the latest digital innovations in place makes separating the wheat from the chaff a much quicker, easier task.

For example, smart interviewing tools enable you to conduct initial cross-examinations via video link. This means you’ll waste less time arranging in-person meetings with those who just aren’t right for the job. Instead, you can cross these guys off the list right away and focus on the cream of the crop.

Applicant screening and technical testing tools also provide a full picture of a candidate’s capabilities as well as their personality. With this information, you’ll have a great idea of whether they are experienced enough to fulfil the open role and if they’re a good cultural fit for your company.

Ultimately, having access to state-of-the-art recruitment tools can save your business a huge amount of money – with minimal time wasted and better quality candidates reaching the final stages.

Prioritise transparency

There’s nothing more appealing to candidates than a company that’s clear about the hiring process from the very beginning.

In your job ad, create a comprehensive description of the type of person you’re looking for, and explain why you want or need that kind of individual in your business right now.

It’s also worth outlining the onboarding process for candidates in a clear, concise manner. Setting out the stages will let people prepare accordingly and showcase your professionalism as a company – encouraging only genuine candidates to enquire.

Additionally, put processes in place to perform background checks on candidates – and this is something you shouldn’t feel the need to hide. It’ll keep your staff roster clean and show you’re an ethical company whilst deterring potentially problematic candidates at the same time.

Team up with the pros for top IT and information security recruitment

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