ON:LiNE Virtual Meeting

Room Service

Technology is transforming recruitment for the better. Video conferencing streamlines the interview process, which is why we’ve launched our own virtual meeting room service, ON:LiNE.

This cutting-edge tool speeds up your recruitment drive without cutting corners.

Take back your time

How many hours do you normally spend on first stage interviews? How many of those were spent on people who you knew weren’t right in the first few minutes?

We recognise your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve introduced a platform that gives you a better insight into candidates earlier in the process. We can ask first stage interview questions on your behalf, and record people answering them to submit alongside their CV. As a result, you’ll only interview candidates you know are a good fit for your business.

We can also give you access to our virtual meeting room service, so you can conduct your own interviews online instead of in person. If you’re looking to save time and speed up your recruitment drive, it’s an unbeatable tool.

Outstrip the competition

We all know how tight the market is for good candidates at the moment. ON:LiNE allows you to identify the best people for the role early on, giving you an edge over your competitors. As we can feedback to applicants quickly, it allows us to fast-track the process and boost your chances of securing the top candidates in the market

ON:LINE interview space

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